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Offered by: backwaterflipper
Price: 105



I am selling 7 molds, 2 injection, 5 hand pour. They are as follows:

Injection: 3" Glade Grub (2 cavity) from Caney Creek Molds
Injection: 3" Skirt Mold (1 cavity) from BearsBaits
Hand Pour: 6.25" Diamond Tail Worm (5 cavity) Aluminum Mold from DelMart
Hand Pour: 4.5" DropShot Worm (5 cavity) Aluminum mold from DelMart
Hand Pour: 3.25" Twin Tail Grub (2 cavity) from LinMar Fishing Molds
Hand Pour: 3.5" Craw (1 cavity) from LinMar
Hand Pour: 5.5" Scaly Lizard (1 cavity) from LinMar

All molds from Linmar Fishing are hard plastic. They don't cost as much as aluminum molds do, hold up very well and I have never had one fail, as long as you don't break the mold they will last a lifetime.

All molds total to $188.37 before shipping from the various companies, all are still like new and no modifications have been made to the molds.

Will sell all for $105 shipped to your door in the Continental US ONLY!!!

Please email me at backwaterflipper@gmail.com to claim them
Submitted: Mar 12 2013 09:20 PM
Last updated: Apr 07 2013 09:18 PM
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