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SOLD - US Reel 240 SX (2) $50 Each or $95 for Both

SOLD - US Reel 240 SX (2) $50 Each or $95 for Both

Offered by: Bob La Londe
Price: $50 Each or $95 both plus shipping


[font="Arial Black"][size="4"]SOLD Pending Payment - 6/6/2011
[b]US Reel 240 SX (2) $50 Each or $95 for Both[/b] I bought these a year ago, and I have used them, but they are not my goto spinning reels. They have not gotten as much use as my other spinning reels. They both work perfectly. They do have some scuffs and dust, no issues. Its just that after giving them a fair shake I personally prefer my Daiwa SS Tournament reels. If you like the US Reels heres a chance to get a deal on a couple of them. These are the top of the line models not the cheaper one Cabelas has on sale.

You can stop by and pick them up for $50 cash or $95 for both, or you can get them for price plus $10 (1 or 2) shipping USPS Priority Mail and payment by PayPal.

I have the original spare spools for both, and I kept one box and set of papers. If you buy 1 the first person to buy 1 will get the box and papers if they want it.


Bob (at) yumabassman (dot) com
Submitted: May 22 2011 12:58 PM
Last updated: Jun 06 2011 03:50 PM
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