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Drp Shot Molds

Varies What do u have? looking for ccm croos tail carrot Super fry 3.5"'http://www.btsmolds.com/worms/375-rudder-wor...

Del's craw mold

what do you have? http://www.lurecraft.com/mobile/6-CL-Mold-1-Cavity-Injected-Mold-2-Pc-Aluminum/productinfo/5XDEL-17217/Looking to buy...

Round Jig with socket eye

$ Attached Image: image.jpg Looking to purchase 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 jigs with a red sickle hook


Neg Looking for bears real craw molds.


Wacky Jig Head

$$$$$$ I need a wholesale supply for wacky jig heads, thanks metalbul@gmail.com

Wtb ccm 6.75" tube worms

varies just wanted to try some b4 i buy the mold.
green pumpkin... junebug or other colors.. if possible

pm me


Delete Delete

Wtb 4.5 inch finesse worm or diamond tail injection molds

na Molds bought. Thanks

Weedless foot ball mold

cash I am looking for a weedless football mold it has to have a 1/2oz in it

7 inch fluke mold

$100-$150 Looking to get a 7 inch fluke mold. 2 or more cavities or multiple single cavity molds. If anyone has one or two or t...

10" ribbontail worm mold

any looking for an aluminum injection mold similar to the zoom ol monster worm..
let me no if u have any that are close?


TBD xxxxxx

Fishing buddy from Bay Area, CA

I'll pay for boat and car gas, as well as breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner My name is Josh Shapland, I'm 16 years old from the east Bay Area of CA. I'm looking for somebody to go fishi...

Buy or Trade: 721 Punch Craw or something comparable

Cash or Molds Before I go buy a 721 craw I wanted to see if anyone had one they didn't use much and wanted to trade or sell. F...

Basstackle/bobs 509 creature

???????? Looking for some baits from their 509 creature. Anyone sell me a few?

Basstackle 703 craw

????????? Anyone sell me a few baits from the basstackle/Bob's 703 craw?

712 Craw

optional Looking for a 712 Craw from Basstackle. Would like a 10 cavity if someone has one. Have a few molds to trade for the...

WTB Do-it Molds -- SInker, Jig, lure

$20-25 shipped to South Texas Let me know what you have. If I don't have it already I will probably buy it. I can pay with Paypal.

RTV silicone molds for pouring hard baits

any Looking for molds for pouring solid or two piece baits. I typically use alumalite or comparable 2-part expoxies for...


$20 Looking for gallon or five gallon of plastisol or RTV silicone let me know good price new or used that u want to sell.


$20 Looking for gallon or five gallon of plastisol or RTV silicone let me know good price new or used

Injection Molding Machine or Injection Molding Service

depends on unit I am looking for a soft plastic injection molding machine that works with plastisol. I am building soft plastic fishi...

Bait mold

Let me know Attached Image: 3.5 in Thump Grub.jpg Attached Image: K Grub.jpg Attached Image: swim shad.jpg I am looking for some molds for soft bait pouring, a few buddies of mine and myself included want to utilize these fo...

Basstackle 509 creature

negotable Want to buy a few of these baits

Finesse for shakey head

Negotiable Looking for shakey head worm mold, does not have to have a lot of cavities. Injectable only

Thanks Dennis