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702 Craw

Varies Hi Looking for 702 craws, any cavity size.

Basstackle Minnow

varies Looking for the two smaller sized basstackle minnows please

Molds For Plastic Crankbaits

??? Would like to purchase metal molds capable of pouring crankbaits in 2 halves that can be glued together.

Hand Pour - Two Piece Worm Mold

let me know Looking to buy a 7" hand pour two piece worm mold.
Let me know what you have and pricing.

32786 Mustad 4/0 And 3/0 Jig Hooks Wanted

Let me know Looking for some jigs hooks. 32786 4/0 and 3/0. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks

Bottom Pour Lead Melting Pot #10

Let me know Thanks....Let me know.

Iridescent Paint Or Powder For Lures

$5 I'm looking to buy iridescent paint, (color shifting) paintOr powder to mix with paint To use on my lures need y...

Bt 538 Creature

reasonable Anyone have a BT 538 Creature they thinking about parting with?Is there another "bug" out there that looks cl...

Need Dalmation Green Pumpkin Copper Flake Skirt Material

25.00 Hey all, I'm in need of Dalmation Green pumpkin copper flake skirt material or the same color in 1/2 wire. Fishi...

Goby Mold

150.00 Attached Image: IMG_20140130_163445.jpg Hello,I am looking for a Goby mold or two similar to the one pictured, open pour or injection, aluminum only please....

Ringed Lizard Mold

any i no i read before that some one wanted a ringed lizard mold or makes ringed lizards.i just cant find it.. if any o...

Custom Airbrusher

doesnt matter Attached Image: bottomof2piececlownrogue.jpgAttached Image: clowncolorhead.jpgAttached Image: twopiececlownrogue.jpg I need this lure duplicated the color and I need it done before april 12th I can send you the lures or you can buy th...

Basstackle 628 4" Swimbait

33 each Hi Looking for Basstackle 628 4" swimbait molds, prefer top inject but flexible.Looking for a minimum of 2-3 mold...

Kodiak Craw 4.25 Inch Hinged Model

negotiable Looking to buy 2 to 8 of the old hinged Bears Kodiak craw 4.25 inch

Full Size But Light Weight Flat Eye Ewg Arky Head Shakey Head Style

negotiable I am looking for 3/8oz-1/2oz size flat eye ewg arky head with spring lock or other keeper in 1/16oz-3/32oz weights. T...

Yum Rivershad Colored Swimbaits

negotiable I'm looking for the yum money minnow color rivershad in an alternative swimbait style in the 3.5-4.5 inch range....

Need Lc And Mf Colorants

10 - 55 NeedAmber GreenGreen Pumpkin BrownWatermelon BrownSapphireIndigoRootbeerCinnamon(Whatever you got and want to get rid...

Dels 4.25 Stick 2, 5Cav Or 10 Cav

150.00 dels regular 4.25 stick

Plastisol- Regular Grade

Under $50 I bought some super soft M-F plastic. Really like it, but would like to blend with something a little more durable. L...

Basstackle 4 Inch Hollow Belly Swimbait Mold

Negotiable Looking for the 4 inch basstackle swimbait mold that had the copper tube insert so the swimbait looked hollow inside,...

Basstackle 3 Oz Twin Injector And Blending Block

Negotiable Looking for the 3 oz twin injector and blending block from basstackle.com. Also interested in any swimbait molds that...

Lure Drying Wheel/turner

Negotiable I'm looking for someone who is willing to sell me or build a lure drying wheel/turner for me. I only make lures...

Wtb: Bt 5.25" Jerkbait & 152 Drop Shot Worm

Negotiable I'm looking for a few basstackle molds and wanted to see if anyone had one for sale or trade before I order new o...

Trokar Pro Swim Jig Mold

negotible I'm looking to see if anyone has this mold to sell or trade.

The Dutchman

any need either of the Hilts bullet weight molds that go from 1/8-1/2 or 1/8 - 5/16