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Wacky jig and/or Football jig with screw lock

Less than retail Looking to buy Do-It jig molds for the following. Wacky WCK=5=AWG, Screw lock football FBB-6-LSA

BTS Bite Me Craw Mold

TBD Looking for a BTS "Bite Me" craw mold. 4 inch, not the junior.

Good ribbontail mold

neg looking for something like the berkley juice worm an or berkley ribbontail worm 6 or 7" . any suggestions? or doe...

Crappie Molds

neg. Looking for molds for crappie prefer ones with many cavities. Stingers, small paddle tail baits, Grubs. Let me know i...

Looking for crankbait models

TBD Looking for someone that makes crankbait molds either from RTV silicone pours or Corian using a CNC router. Please l...

Spiderwire Fusion 12lb. 14lb. Test Ghost Green

????? I'm looking for some spools of Spiderwire Fusion Ghost Green 12lb. & 14lb. Test. If you have some please send...

Tube Bait Mold 4"

0-100 A tube bait mold (preferably angling a.i.) that is 4" in length. Send email to stockslures@gmail.com

Bojon's DVD on Horizontal Pouring

1-1,000 I am looking for a copy of Bojon's DVD on Horizontal Tube Pouring. I actually bought the first one he sold and li...

PowerPak 1-Station Tabletop Shuttle Machine

negotiable I want to purchase a used 1-Station Tabletop Shuttle Machine manufactured by PowerPak Industries. These are used to...

1/4 oz. Swing jig heads

Depending on quantity Attached Image: image.jpg I am looking to buy just plain unpainted, no hook 1/4 oz. swing jig heads. Want this size but don't want to buy t...

Looking for a 631 Swimbait mold

Variable Looking to buy a 631 swimbait mold from Basstackle. Anyone have one for sale?

Do it 9 inch ribbontail

?????? Wtb a couple used 9 inch do it ribbon tails Thanks.

Eagle Claw 730bp 4/0 hooks

$200 per 1000 hooks Looking for the old style 730 bp hooks that eagle claw used to make. I do not want the newer needle point hooks.

WTB - Jig Skirt Making Material

Will look at lots up to $100 Looking for some jig skirt making material; let me know what you have silicone, rubber, etc., and what colors you are...

2 cavity craw mold,3 3/4 inch, beleive it is a Del's mold

Will pay top dollar, needed badly Attached Image: IMG_0697.JPG I beleive this is a Del's mold. Would like to buy at least one more. If you have 1, I would be interested in buyi...

Bears/ultra 4.5 inch finesse worm

????????? Wtb a used mold of Bears or ultra flat bottomed 4.5 inch finesse worm.

U rig mold 2 or 3 oz 9 hook like sea striker umbrella / wire.?

Cash or trade Looking for this style to make my own u rigs for stripers...if u have mold ideas or know where I can get one let me k...

4.5 hollow swimbait

X Looking for someone to pour me in bulk 4.5 and 3.5 swimbaits , if anyone can help that would be great ,

5" Hog Molds

100+ Looking for 5 inch hog molds. NOT 4.5" A hog that measures 5"

Wtb...knurled nuts

$1.00 and up Attached Image: 1424408249594.jpg Hello everybody, I'm looking for these type of tall aluminum knurled nuts for my molds. Anybody have any for sale...

Plastic supplies

0 Looking for all things plastic related glitter colorant injector molds ectespecially 10 inch worm molds trick worm mo...

Wanted Lee plastic pots

Any I am looking for two lee plastic pots.

Small soft plastic business needing additional pourers

DM for pay details I own a small but booming soft plastics business in northeast Alabama. Needing experienced hand pourer to help to kee...

Depth finder lead mold

Negotiable I am looking to purchase a depth finder lead mold. I believe they were made in the 80's and 90's by CCM. They...

Need some stranded wire harnesses

negotiable Ad answered. Thanks for looking.