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Good or Bad Idea ??

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Good or Bad Idea ??

Offered by: onlyonmonday
Price: Donations


[size="4"][b]Some members may know I have some lead head jigs of many styles and sizes that I am selling some plain ones on craigs.. ( Over 1,000 ) :unsure:

The idea I have is to donate to Teachers and considering we are so VERY close to a HUGE military base is to also donate to them to show we care about there service..

The problem I have that may NOT be a problem is I think it would be nice to also provide an attachment to the hook..

Considering we are very poor ourselves, I just thought to ask if anyone can donate something, "anything" they can send me so I can make it a nicer donation to these as I believe patriots, or am I NOT RIGHT with this idea ??

Any input is welcome..[/b][/size]
Submitted: Mar 03 2011 01:20 PM
Last updated: Mar 03 2011 01:20 PM
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