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BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

  • Prices in description https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2017_12/C05F4427-2FC4-43E9-8E06-0C5C1170BC43.jpeg.3d1345fe2073508faf3b0cd0df80d2ac.jpeg,monthly_2017_12/09B552DE-F61C-4348-98C0-6AB68D9770AA.jpeg.958926946b22cca1b85c25cff4fdd2bc.jpeg,monthly_2017_12/5B3028F6-59DE-4531-B3BF-1E572D2603AA.png.02c177975867bc1c31f3d2c95e8b60c2.png,monthly_2017_12/6B61EB44-6D3A-4011-A54C-6AE83329F38F.png.40103ee1ead55359048e9e2bc5a9454f.png
4 basstackle 698 swimbait molds 4”. Single cavity with hook slot. You can put an eye in or not. Laminated nicely. Great for A rigs or weighted hooks.

$200 for all for plus shipping

2 Do it fluke molds. Both 4 cavity.

$100 for par plus shipping.

Lure craft tube bait splitter. Big hand press style, comes with extra white plastic base plate.

75$ plus shipping


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