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Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Air brush EXTRAS

  • 300 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_09/20200906_105207198_iOS.jpg.c98241510b3305d5abc349fa92164ef4.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105242795_iOS.jpg.4e2bf3a471c2b3ba519c326209bde9b8.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105305084_iOS.jpg.aa1486e8d01ef6d7b2b168acb03b5433.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105318141_iOS.jpg.aed1b5718c73fdc5f592c05850e6c0c5.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105325649_iOS.jpg.70afaa90103c781ab3d494deaf229baa.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105350187_iOS.jpg.70f24cf0347e521dee8dde86844acd70.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105509758_iOS.jpg.a5527135f0dc58c2d2cf532470abcde1.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105552811_iOS.jpg.3cbb09ae587d4d02ee1666a3274a67f5.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105555186_iOS.jpg.2fc9ed52f2370515077c980f489c7a7b.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105601887_iOS.jpg.aa33e8378817aa7f9778af0ae9b9b1a1.jpg,monthly_2020_09/20200906_105619287_iOS.jpg.7948c7890f9d9e9589078b55d7044928.jpg
1 - Iwata Eclipse HP-CS air brush
1 - Master G78 media blaster
2 - Master G22 air brush (1 the tip is broke)
1 - TC-20T air compressor

Tons of lure blanks, templates, supplies, and paint.

This setup has everything you need to start painting lures.

Also have a jar of KBS clear coat. It’s old though.

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