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New Createx and Wicked Air Brush Paint Sets

  • 30 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2019_10/20191003_203756.jpg.f4fddbe4b4fdad6bad195851cd6ae3f2.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191003_203900.jpg.52058bde12ad7301225d0f4b7b5fb54a.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_161345.jpg.2b8e9850aaf25e982b9602424f1e8dff.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_165013.jpg.4746dd6f80cf4da2b640fc3ac3a83d9c.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_165016.jpg.062055cb509714d90be930466de36bbc.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_165208.jpg.c1687f2950bfb3d66fc6b927aeb6670d.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_165212.jpg.674345f86db0a93ccff06e4e8236ca0e.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_165223.jpg.3995ef5f199777db5c118ab17851be8c.jpg,monthly_2019_10/20191006_165226.jpg.8fe7ced5a624b47bc1b418329a67d828.jpg,monthly_2019_10/Screenshot_20191003-204311_Chrome.jpg.5d3b78d815f49f4f129e67b8428a58bd.jpg,monthly_2019_10/Screenshot_20191003-204403_Chrome.jpg.6da1c5b70c98f0e8caa85a047e492fda.jpg,monthly_2019_10/Screenshot_20191004-071811_Chrome.jpg.8f3d4d3def1a58f9ea6272af634c9e41.jpg,monthly_2019_10/Screenshot_20191006-165419_Chrome.jpg.cef15b5969d3e47eaefb491490f50829.jpg,monthly_2019_10/Screenshot_20191006-165446_Chrome.jpg.94f1f3089c0328605726f0cc362eb439.jpg,monthly_2019_10/Screenshot_20191006-165452_Chrome.jpg.24879a1924f7537b1972665b758e2491.jpg
Have some brand new sets of Wicked and Createx Paint for Air Brushing. Will sell separately or as a lot. I purchased a BIG lot from a former Commercial Artist, but they would not break up the set. I do not need so many duplicates so I am passing the savings on charging what I paid, plus shipping. Everything will be sent USPS Priority Mail. If you are local I would be happy to meet as well.

- Wicked Kent Lind Cool Beach Set (8 bottles) - $28 Shipped
- Wicked Kent Lind Warm Beach Set (8 bottles) - $28 Shipped
- Wicked Steve Driscoll Fleshtone Set (6 bottles) - $20 Shipped
- Createx 18 color and DVD set (18 bottles) - $55 Shipped
- Createx Kent Lind Cool Set (3 available - 8 bottles) - $23 Shipped
- Createx Kent Lind Warm Set ( 3 available - 8 bottles) - $23 Shipped
- Createx Tropical Set (6 bottles) - $15 Shipped
- Wicked UV Glow Base - Opened but very little used - Add on for $7 to another set or $15 Shipped

Happy to sell as a whole lot or reduce price if you buy multiple. Everything is new in plastic. Pictures are attached. If you would like more please DM me.

Whole lot as priced - $299, will sell for $250 Shipped for all 94 Bottles


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