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Silicone Tabs (100pks)

  • $15 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2019_05/248A55FE-23BD-48B4-A93F-A673EE486663.jpeg.7e37fff83e26a703c0aa571429075fc4.jpeg,monthly_2019_05/2B209ACB-17A2-4A3A-87DE-F2EBDCF1626D.jpeg.7078bcabd376eefbc5aa733584ca9588.jpeg,monthly_2019_05/53ABF590-8AA0-4BAE-A446-BBCFF2A8898A.jpeg.e9b3d93b6ea3b6cd3d6cdcf75812296d.jpeg
On 5-15-19 I will have 20 (100pks) of Silicone Tab Materials
Each pack is $15ea plus shipping
1-3pks $5 priority mail
4+pks $7.90 2 day flat rate

4pks Tennessee Shad
4pks Clear/Blue Pepper
4pks Clear/Purple Pepper
4pks White/Silver Scale
4pks Chartreuse/Blue Scape

Send message or sms text me at 559/356/1048

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