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UPDATED: Hooks, Molds, Practice Baits, 3D eyes, Paint, More lures

  • $300 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-98242200-1391658910.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-75091600-1391658970.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-34424500-1391658992.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-95189300-1391659025.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-08353000-1391659046.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-71231700-1391710923.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-11167400-1391814553.jpg,monthly_02_2014/ccs-15050-0-88310000-1391893488.jpg
I'm doing some early spring cleaning and need to get rid of some stuff. I thought I would give some fellow tackle makers first crack before listing on eBay. Items will be shipped USPS Priority. I first had these listed as individual lots sold seperately, but I should have known better being a tackle junkie myself. The entire lot shipped in one big box $300.

Please email me at rhurst@santaquin.org with any questions. You wont find these items any cheaper...

First up is 3 Do-It jig mold; Arky, Sparkie, and a Football jig mold. You should be able to get the model numbers off the pictures for hook information.

Second Lot is a boat load of Mustad 91768 BLN hooks in the following sizes/numbers: 3/0 42 hooks, 4/0 40 hooks, 5/0 85 hooks, 6/0 115 hooks (total 282).

Third Lot is NIB Mustad Big Mouth Tube Hooks in the following sizes/numbers: 6/0 11pk or 55 hooks, 8/0 8pk or 32 hooks.

Fourth Lot is 30 practice lures or at least I call them practice lures. There is a couple H2o baits, a couple Bombers, etc. You guys know what brand they are by looking at them. Some have been primed and some havent.

Fifth Lot is VMC Barbarian treble hooks in the following numbers/sizes: 203 #4 and 236 #6, 439 total hooks.

Sixth Lot is lure eyes; every size, color, cat eyes, etc. etc. I didnt count them, but I would guess there is over a 1000.

One quart (32oz) of Createx WB paint in opaque blue. It has been unsealed, but not used.

34 more lures...
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