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Various molds

  • 100 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2019_01/3998B1EA-4D04-41BD-B675-1AF1277A193D.jpeg.0ac7e6724d0bc47929e7a95823841ea9.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/4769ACC4-06BD-41B7-96A1-7921E9F9561E.jpeg.45294b5810709efd962e10e73749760d.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/DD7834B3-CD9C-4F40-BDC1-B60A60A49EE7.jpeg.76100c139354a4dc0c6d1da7a71509f0.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/C3FD7CE7-7A9F-4783-940B-6E4A352691A9.jpeg.335b62978f4ac00cd434c41e5df51f84.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/3598CFC3-369F-4757-AB03-1ACF61026392.jpeg.628364e6715a23afe65608db4fd79542.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/71F52AAB-81DC-4B21-B6D1-3F88CC834D26.jpeg.48632c50c7af50a6af30a67186240dd1.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/91E104DD-AD59-475C-A820-8FEECAEEAAA7.jpeg.efcaf9fd3c73a931a537b700d9005304.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/A85B1E8E-A039-4D49-ACEE-CB1F87C5E913.jpeg.a015e4a91184b7bf722467fbf3e56d11.jpeg,monthly_2019_01/779A2CB5-BB8A-46E4-B2A3-5B1A15CA3A22.jpeg.32ac5f7a9f27b647896b8cfcd374d887.jpeg
Delmart super fluke mold 3 cavity msrp-$95 price-$60
9 4” Basstackle 698 swimbait single cavity msrp-$79 cost-$50
1 4” Basstackle 698 swimbait with hook slot same price
Jacobs baits 2” paddle swimbait crappie bait 10 cavity msrp-$75 cost-$50
Bait junky’s sk357 grub 4 cavity msrp-$109 cost-$70

Do it molds
Ultra Minniow jig 1/2oz-1 1/2oz
Flutter jig 4oz
Screwlock ball head shakes head 1/16-1/2
Shad head rig jig 1/8-7/16
Snootie jig 3/8-5/8
Tail spinner 3/8
Msrp on all-52.50 plus shipping cost-$30

Shawn Collins customs mold stand up shaken head push on keeper. 1/16-1/2 msrp$149 cost$100

All molds in good condition, would be willing to trade for the right molds. All prices are plus $10 shipping. All are in great condition

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You show a lot of spinner blades what sizes are they and how much??

You also show nickle and brass slide weights - what size and how much??


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