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Contenti Spincast machine

Tournament Strong
  • $1600 obo https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2021_01/452425447_spin1.jpg.5cfd761caae7895cf2b6805e0925a8ee.jpg,monthly_2021_01/110113612_spin2.jpg.49b46b41e028ec3cd6bd0ef07b8cbcaf.jpg,monthly_2021_01/393517824_spin3.jpg.ed8db7a279c9a7d53bdcf2c45a35e13d.jpg,monthly_2021_01/252635145_spin4.jpg.f022a7facce455030893815e032e05b4.jpg
This is a Contenti 12 inch spincast machine. I bought it used this past September for $1600. These are hard to find on the west coast. I kept waiting for one to show up in California under $2000, it never happened. I drove to Texas to buy it. I bought it to mass produce my weights but something bigger presented itself. It is made for 9" and 12" molds you can fit most molds up to 12 inch. It runs real smooth and quiet. I need to sell it no reasonable offer refused. If you are in So. Cal. and are looking to ramp up production without the super high costs this is the next step. Thanks for looking.

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