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Full crankbait painting kit

  • 500 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2023_11/27737E71-86AE-419B-85CF-E754E4542F8F.jpeg.011f804684ede991acf5faa10345f086.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/D6EE38E3-6749-4212-8B51-2090F7D6F388.jpeg.3829f24098bbfbbfa9864b8e910895fd.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/E86DB6ED-512E-464A-B2FD-CE3085B054BD.jpeg.3406034b7a901b8db9d77eb48165e00a.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/D123B31E-D43D-4ABF-96C2-F7CEB25DB5D0.jpeg.2c658d97e68a526a1371c60cb3591cf0.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/D297A1C8-837D-4FFF-996E-FF9CC4BA66AA.jpeg.e037bb3e50ddce88679874e334ea6a3e.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/9D3F6DDD-D543-4CF1-AB13-D59A8D828396.jpeg.44a88e285d4aef9d1ac7d17d3bafda78.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/A45A3811-0E5F-42D2-BA89-6B75A528E08A.jpeg.12e347393fa229fae362711f27a24b35.jpeg,monthly_2023_11/217199F4-BB56-4367-8F16-CD9CA97D839F.jpeg.fcc4f89ff2a243a9a13b706bd19a95ad.jpeg

Complete start up set for lure painting. I had purchased this set up to start a new hobby, but after painting only 2 baits I am moving across the country for work and trying to downsize.
(22) 1.5 square bill blanks
(10) DT10 blanks
(100) size 2 Split rings
(50) size 3 split rings
(40) size 4 Treble hooks
(2) LC1.5 stencils
(4)DT10 stencils
(4) stencil wheels
Fin stencil
Scale mesh stencil
(200) 5mm holo eyes
(200) 6mm holo eyes
Cat eyes, 3-6mm, 4 colors
Master airbrush G233 Pro set w/ 3 nozzle
10ft air hose with quick connect
Master airbrush mini regulater and water trap
helping hands stand
airbrush stand
airbrush cleaning kit
KBS diamond finish 1 pint
15 Createx Opaques
8 wicked colors solid & metallics
14 Pearlized createx bottles
6 wicked colors fluorescent bottles

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