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Hagens Professional Wire Former, Extra Heads, and Extras

  • 225 https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2023_08/wf1.jpg.3ecefde490e10dadcb06d9d54242e0bc.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf2.jpg.d12e84dc16a0d0c7be7fe41de8a710ad.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf3.jpg.302243b719d0774fb796855b659c076b.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf4.jpg.0614586d562907b0bf915b5230bd295a.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf5.jpg.67e09f1a842b93bf7ee9d1b7cbb177ad.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf6.jpg.676db3ee480a1c5e299afa8fda23409e.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf7.jpg.9dbc839fc6dad0a0a4d5f8997b0c1826.jpg,monthly_2023_08/wf8.jpg.93626a74f581758b5ad6d5ecfd1d53b2.jpg

Hagens Professional Wire Former with three wire loop heads. Wire loop heads included are 3/32, 1/8, 3/16. Also included are brass beads, plastic beads, brass bodies, swivels, split rings, duo lock snaps, Clevises, propeller blades, siwash hooks, inline blades, Colorado blades, Indiana blades, French blades, and more. There is enough stuff here to make 100’s of spinners. All small containers shown in the pictures are included. Also included but not shown are a great pair of Gamakatsu split ring pliers that work great for small split rings.

$225 Dollars takes it all and shipping is included. Paypal only. Will only ship to the continental US.

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