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Misc. Wood Bodies/Props

  • TBD https://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2018_11/IMG_1188.jpg.6aff346d6a098a06ce85db51da2f4025.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1189.jpg.b60d816eea749c7a907c16bbfaf1e725.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1190.jpg.ddf35a0e586a08d6d1881d4c883d0795.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1191.jpg.01aa6ad77abdcd4840e248b473107c3e.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1192.jpg.2c7ac4c0585e49a3149def6487174273.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1193.jpg.f6e1ebb7381a8ea4aeac2eebc7151cb6.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1194.jpg.a946d43247edf04c3b08b71f286ad74d.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1195.jpg.bdfe02370faa9446a752266c39134228.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1196.jpg.080aec2eb5bfd212a2843dfe84422146.jpg,monthly_2018_11/IMG_1197.jpg.0aedfb54eb77298ead34370d890a1201.jpg

In the process of cleaning, I have came across a lot of wooden bodies. It appears that most will just need a screw eye and hook. I'm not sure of the prices yet, I just really wanted to see if there was a interest in purchasing them. If there is a want, I can get a better idea of price and how many I have. I will also get a better description of each. Most appear ready to paint and fish. Let me know if you have any questions and I can answer them. Thanks

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