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Next Level Production machine

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Next Level injection machine used to keep plastic at temp and heat the basstackle Twinjector so there is no need to clean out every time. Can boost production in no time at all. Also laminates are a breeze when you know the actual temp of the plastic you are using. You will have to supply your own presto pots and Basstackle Twinjector. Custom anodized one will be available from time to time.

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19 hours ago, hpssports said:

How do you keep the mixing blades from hitting the injectors?

Sorry meant to quote you. See the answer above. 

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The temperature stays within two degrees for hours and hours. And glitter and salt will build up on the side of the injector but not bad enough to make a difference in a bait. After the plastic cools you can pull out what’s left and see it is not burned and no big areas of glitter or salt.  But sorry whatever test you did came out with that conclusion. Been using this type of system for years and years. 

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