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X-Viper Handmade jerkbait
© Ben Maske

X-Viper Handmade jerkbait


Hand-carved PVC lure body, 2" stainless steel prop on tail, stainless steel hook hangers & line tie, 1/8" lexan bill, Createx paint, top-coated with two coats of Envirotex Lite epoxy. The lure body is 8" long and weighs 1.75 ounces. Dive depth is 1' - 3', depending on how you fish it. When reeled slowly with the rod tip held high, it swims lazily on the surface while the propellor churns the water behind. Jerk it hard, and it darts down 1' - 2' deep. Hold the rod tip low and reel at a medium clip, and it'll reach 3'.

I patterned the body after the Megabass Vision 110, though my lure is several inches larger and several times louder. :D I don't do a whole lot of 3d scale painting, but I figured I'd give it a shot on this lure since I couldn't think of anything else. I think it turned out pretty good.

Tight lines,



© Ben Maske


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Very cool paint and I'd love to see the action of that body style. The little bit of sparkle in the background really makes you look twice.


Great job Ben. :yay:


Nice to see you back at TU.

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