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Skunk Creeper


A bigger topwater lure that I had made earlier this year .

Lathe-turned from abachewood , actually two boards glued together with waterproof and solvent-free wood glue to achieve required body diameter .

Don't remember exactly , but the lure body alone is about 5" in length , has a 1,5 mm central wire shaft with the figure eight belly hook hanger slid over the shaft internally , all glued in with epoxy glue .

To hide the closure wrapping of the rear hook hanger I had made a deep countersunk for the tow eye in order to pull the shaft with the tow eye into the lure to wrap the rear eye close , which I pulled back into the lure afterwards , ....all with wet glue applied and the belly hook hanger wire form already slid over,........a finacky operation using 5 min. epoxy !

Wings and wing assembly are also homemade , wings are of 0,5 mm stainless steel sheet and mounting and limiter plates are of 1,0 mm stainless steel sheet ,.......the hinge pins are of brass tubing 3 X 2 mm with their ends squeezed flat to lock them in place .

The wooden lurebody has been soaked in thin propionate sealer for 48 hrs and after dipped into a thicker propionate mix for about 10 times , afterwards primed and painted by handbrush using acrylic paints , finally three epoxy coats were applied .

The rear , tinned treble hook has been tied with feathers and some flashabou , .....tested the lure back in spring to find that it performs very well and to my full satisfaction .


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Thanks a lot , Ben , ...I really enjoy such little mechanical or technical features on luremaking .


On YouTube there is a video displaying the action of this lure , titled "Homemade Creeper Lure" , also some assembly pictures plus explainations containing in that clip .


Please utilize the YouTube search function , since I'm unable do any straight linking in here for some reason .


Best greetings , Dieter

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@ JRammit


Thanks  a lot for commenting , .....as I've said in the clip , I'm  enjoying to work on such little mechanical features on lures sometimes , ....though I won't like to go into a serial production with it , ........then it would become boring again , LOL !


Greetings , Dieter

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