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On 3/17/2021 at 9:20 AM, Bigmouth said:

Thanks!  It’s designed to be the most weedless jig available in brush and grass, have a hooking percentage of over 80%, minimal shake offs,  have an effective grub holding barb, and have a baked on, chip resistant, powder paint coat.  This embodiment comes close to all of these requirements.  R


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Superior attributes of the wire weed guard:


  1. The wire guard has its origin at the hook eye.  The bristle origin is the middle of the jig head.  Advantage, wire.
  2. Flexibility.  Wire guard is spring steel, bristle is a type of plastic with minimal springiness.  Advantage, wire.
  3. Shape.  Wire guard has a permanent triangular shape, and works as a unit.  Bristles work individually, or can be sort of shaped or trimmed.  Advantage, wire.
  4. Visibility.  Wire guards have a low visibility on a jig.  Bristles are highly visible, especially, black.  Advantage, wire.


We could go into a long discussion, but this is a start.


I’ve heard from some field testers fishing with partners say things like this:  my partner was using jig X (a well known brand).  He lost four jigs, and kept getting hung up, but I was using yours with no hang ups, and catching fish!  We finished second.

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