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6" crappie swimbait fish

mark poulson

I couldn't get this to post on the forum, so I'm posting it here.

The fish went 3lbs, not a giant, but it was fun to catch it on my lure.


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Still a good fish though !

It is amazing , that these members of the perch family sometimes hit such big lures !

Our local European perch do that as well on ocassion , not only once I had them nailed onto a lure about two thirds of their own body length ! And its most likely the smaller ones !

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Thanks crankin.

Diemai, our largemouth bass, and smallmouth, too, are actually members of the sunfish family, which includes bluegill, bream, and shell crackers, and crappie, too. Largemouth were imported to the west coast from our southern regions. I think the smallies came from the Northeast US.

The only true bass we can fish for here are striped bass, which were introduced into the San Francisco Bay system early last century, imported from the east coast of the US, where they are native.

So all of our bass, true or sunfish, came from somewhere else, like just about everyone who lives here now.

As the rest of the country says about our liberal, whacked out part of the country, "It's a left coast thing".

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