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  1. Ok you can do lots of different things messing around with weight placement so your question could really go into an essay. Most common reason for weight placement is leveling the bait so the water catches the lip on the correct angle. Most common is weight place near the front hook to achieve the slight nose down most go for with crankbaits Now you can also impact action by causing the bait to be unstable. Think of the classic belly weighting as creating a keel to stabilize the bait. Move that keel closer to center (top/bottom)it changes the pivot point in the action. Now where you position it from front to back plays a roll as well. Closer to the front has less impact on the action but weight towards the tail tightens things up or robs action Hope at least part of that makes sense I recommend doing what I did years ago it will teach you a lot about impact of weight and placement on action. Make some blanks, drill holes in different locations so you can put weight in different spots and pull it back out. Seal the blanks give them lips( if you want just pressure fit lips so you can try different ones) and go play in the water You will learn a lot about weighting and action by going out and playing around with different placement. It will probably put you way farther a long in knowledge then listen to this redneck ramble lol I learned a ton about action from trying things and some I have a hard to explain. It you think in pivot points, catching water pressure, cutting through the water, and adding/robbing power with weight or poor/good hydrodynamics these are big factors
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