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  1. Siniyo if you make the lip narrower it will still dive deep .You could cup it like Hazmail have shown in some of his tutorials this will help in giving the lure action .
  2. Siniyo have you tried other lips on the lure? Sometimes a too big lip can kill the action on small lures .Try to place the linetie lower towards the lip or even on the lip .
  3. Siniyo can you post a picture of the lure you
  4. Finally found the name i was looking for !!! Do a search for Rush Tango either on google or ebay it could be a version of it
  5. Dieter Center of gravity has some to do with center of movement , but thats a thing you can tinker with after you have a working lure to get "hunting" action incorporated to your lure . But thats a complete diffrent issue . If you ook at Lapala
  6. The x-point would be the nonmoving part of the lure seen from above ,its the axis of movement. For example if you take your lure to a stream set it barely submerged you will have a point on your lure that barely moves at all thats the x-point
  7. Sinyo if you use a denser/heavier kind of wood that barely floats build 5 alike lures on the first you DONT add any weight at all . Finish it completely testrun it so it swims find the centre of movement ,the so called X-point in which it doesnt move seen from above THIS is your weighting point . Now add a light weight to it so it sinks with the desired sinkingrate ,if done correctly you´ll have a perfectly swimming sinking lure . You dont have to look at other x-rayed baits since they are calculated by a whole team of designers and computers if you follow my simple guide to building a sinking lure.
  8. Seen similar lures on ebay named Bassmaster classic something it really resembles an early tadpolly version The one to ask is KcDano he if anyone gotta know what it is
  9. Swede

    Alloying Lead

    try a smaller mix 50% lead 50% wheelweights 1 lb or so just to see what you will get that should get you started
  10. You can look for Sicovinyl often used for faceshields any woodworking company should carry those. Easy to bend with pliars or vices
  11. Are you painting on top of prop? If so why are you afraid of the blush? I have never bothered to remove it unless i use prop for a topcoat . I havent seen any reaction from underlaying blush whatsoever on the lures i made .
  12. Congrats Dieter !!Petri Heil for the 2009
  13. Congrats Gene !! Hope you
  14. Thanks for the greetings guys! I know you
  15. Congrats to Tyler of the future tacklemaking generation Hope your day is a great one and hope you
  16. Bet all of the softplastics& hardbaitmakers are impressed over that station you built ,I know i am .Everything got its own storage and easy to reach with good lighting . I
  17. Why not go the salmon way ?Use a regular screweye, splitring, swivel, splitring, hook. Or if you dont have alot of cash or want to stay with topoftheline material buy some swivels with snaps (best you can buy ) add a splitring between hook and swivel .This setup will leave less hookrash on your lures while they are in the boxes and when you reach for 1 you get 1 not 10
  18. Swede

    Vodkaman B-Day

    Congrats Dave ! Hope your day has been a nice one .
  19. Rofish i was abit wrong you got an extra curve on your lure compared to a Heddon Cousin Heddon Cousin II - eBay (item 120311041394 end time Oct-05-08 05:04:36 PDT) Here is the Cousin
  20. Speaking of shapes, it crossed my mind that I may try this: http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k5/rofish_2006/rofish_2006-4/bananas015.jpg You could make it slimmer/taller, with/without a head, etc, as you like. I think this shape has the advantade that you can place the weight at the lowest points of the lure. I wonder it this shape has been tried before? Another idea came to my mind after seeing Luretrekker's "winner" (the lure which produced a nice pike for him). That lure has a scar on the nose, and I think it does not come from a pike, but rather from the encounter with rocks or gravel, or similar. I think I could make a protective cap for the nose, using clear plastic sheet, which you could wrap around the nose using heat. Just an idea. So Diemai & Luretrekker, this is all your fault:angry: Rofish the link you posted looks very much like a Heddon Cousin lure you carve it & let us know the action please.
  21. Swede

    Guess the Lure

    Heddon Flutter Sputter?
  22. Swede

    Har det blivit kallt uppe i norr

  23. Swede

    new ones

    Kanon snygga Mange !! The folied one is my favorite
  24. Hi Madhur did you get my last email?

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