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  1. Dinger, if you're looking for good quality basswood at a decent price try Heinicke Wood Products ( www.heineckewood.com/ ) in Wisconsin. You can order small quantities or custom cuts. I use their basswood for my other carvings. However, with that said, I do not use it for my crankbaits. I use paulownia. I did a water absorption test here a few years ago and found that basswood has a high absorbency rate. If it's not sealed thoroughly, it will swell up and pop your clearcoat.
  2. Blades, Sorry to say that these were not done by Coley. Coley passed away 3 1/2 years ago.
  3. All Eyes, it's a great wood to work with. It carves well and sands smooth. It's slightly harder than balsa but much tougher. No need to over-build like you do with balsa. Water absorbency is low just make sure that you seal it good (as with any wood). Try it and I believe that you'll like it. Oh, and BTW, thanks for the compliment!
  4. I'm back for a visit! I still come here occasionally to see what's going on. I'm one of the "old timers" here and was one of the first few members on TM. Actually, I am the longest surviving member here. Only Swede (RIP) predates me (by only one day though). I think Redg8r called me "the father of the photo-finish" as I was the first person to post pictures of some baits that I had done using the process. You guys here have really taken the process and ran with it. I was also one of the first four at the first "get-together" at Coley's (RIP) home. Charlie aka Charlie Mitchell and one other tha
  5. northrivergeek, Just let me know when you'd like to get together and we'll work it out. Gene
  6. First post in a long while. I have tried it and, so far, I like it. It's not designed for dipping but does dip well. However, with a thick, dipped coat it takes several weeks to completely harden. It will dry to the touch in under 24 hours but you can still dent it with your fingernail two weeks later. Since I haven't made any lures in while I haven't tried spraying it so I can't comment on that part of it. Gene
  7. I posted his passing here on TU in the "Docks" just after it happened. Gene
  8. Lincoya


    A coating of Devcon 2-ton might help. Seriously though, you might consider a rubber thumb cover like those used for sorting paper. Gene
  9. Other things to consider: 1) Insulation - if you plan on working in it year-round. Makes it much easier to heat and cool. 2) Consider where you place it very carefully. I placed mine too close to a maple tree and now the surface roots are causing my shop to "warp". As soon as I recover from my biceps surgery, it will be time to tear up the floor and cut out the roots. 3) Consider building it square not rectangular. You'll get more square footage for the same perimeter. For example: a 10x10 has a perimeter of 40 feet and a total of 100 square feet. An 8x12 also has a perimeter of 40 feet
  10. Since Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf Coley.rtf
  11. I received a phone call from Coley's wife a little bit ago. She told me that Emory (Coley) Cole passed away around 5:00pm this evening. Coley and I met at the old Tacklemaking.com website and became good friends from there. We spent many hours in mine or his shop talking about making lures. We fished together, travelled to Missouri for the TU Get-Together at Nathan's, and just hung out. We became good friends. He adopted his grandson and was working hard to raise him so we didn't see each other as much after that. Those of you who didn't know him will never know what a good man he was. I wil
  12. Lincoya


    The web address for the hospital is: https://www.mauryregional.com Gene
  13. Lincoya


    I went to see Coley today. He looks good but is still having difficulty breathing. His voice is a little weak. I had trouble hearing and understanding what he said sometimes but some of that is me. I am a little hard of hearing. He said that he expects to be moved to a different room later this week and start his rehab. He also said that he had been up and walked 3 times this morning. I was there about 11:30. He complained about having a sore throat but he also ate all of his lunch. All-in-all he is doing okay but he expects to be in the hospital for a couple more weeks. If any of you are inte
  14. Lincoya


    For those of you who know Coley, I received a phone call from his wife this morning that he is in the hospital, and has been since last Friday, with pneumonia. He is doing some better but is still not doing well. He is already has a pulmonary issue that causes him to have breathing problems so the pneumonia doesn't help. I'm just asking for few prayers for him. Thanks. Gene
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