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  1. Your spinner will catch fish..just need to get a few under your belt and you’ll see a improvement. With that said..photos like these need to be put in the proper photo gallery..Nathan
  2. Quick tip..if you want to try different sizes or styles of bills in your bait..you can use elmers rubber cement...It is plenty strong to hold for testing..Then when you decide on the Bill the rubber cement peals off clean then us Devcon 2ton or similar to permanently install them..Nathan
  3. If you go to YouTube and search “Redg8r” He started this site and was working on a lure copier years ago.The video maybe of some help..Nate
  4. Great pictures but they belong in the gallery..Nathan
  5. Hey guys, you can glue your diving bills in the matter of seconds using UV GLUE.It is even easier and faster if you have a hand torch to set the glue with. The UV rays pass right through the lexan like a window and set it..I doubt this will work on computer board lips..Nathan
  6. 051 would be a good diameter..you could go up to 062 but that would be a bear to bend...Nate
  7. Instead of buck tail..that might be craft fur..Nathan
  8. Nathan

    I'm an idiot

    There is one thing you should take away from this is they weren’t failures. You learned a lot from these baits that didn’t perform to your expectations.I ‘ve said it a million times.You learn more from your so called failures than you do your wins!!..Nathan
  9. Not bad at all..They will catch fish..In the future photos like these belong in the gallery..Nathan
  10. The first two things I would buy..even before a airbrush is a Bandsaw and a table top sander...you can build just about any lure with those two tools..Nathan
  11. Wondering when that would start!!..Nathan
  12. Poly acrylic is a good carrier for glitter.It is water based and can be thinned.If you use fine enough glitter you can spray it on or use a brush if you want more control over where it goes..Nathan
  13. Hillbilly, if you just search the term “jitterbug” with our search feature you’ll find a lot of information gathered through the years.I do remember someone saying the angle of the bill should be around 30 degrees ..Nathan
  14. We love seeing your work..but these pictures belong in the photo section of our site..Nathan
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