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  1. Nathan

    Catching up

    We love to see your work but photos like these belong in the gallery..Nathan
  2. https://lawlesslures.com/ I guess I listed wrong company name..This is the bait I was referring to..Nathan
  3. Mark, it seems that a lot of we we think are discovers are just rediscovers..Nathan
  4. Forgive me if this has been discussed before..I’m more of a hard bait guy but what are your thoughts on those soft plastics with the hole in the tail? Has anyone fished them? It’s definitely a unique design and action if it works..Nathan
  5. Here are a couple examples
  6. I’ve messed around with bristle type tails and fins for several years and this is what I’ve come up with.. First I purchased several cheap brushes that had white bristles from Amazon. I use white bristles because they hold color better from permanent markers. Next you’ll need a piece of waxed paper and clear silicone. Spread a thin coat of silicone on the waxed paper.(maybe 2”x2”..depends on the size and number of tails/fins your making) Now cut a small bunch of bristles. Try to keep the tips aligned the best you can.Now take a colored maker and color the bristles.As your coloring the bristles do your best to color them on all sides. Now gently place the bristles all going one direction on the silicone you spread on the waxed paper and lightly push them into the silicone.IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU TRY TO ORIENT THEM IN ONE DIRECTION. Let them set for at least a hour or so. Now apply another thin coat of silicone over the top of the bristles. Now let them completely dry before proceeding. Now that they are dry gently peel them from the waxed paper. If you want to add additional color or colors now is the time to do it. Some silicones will except permanent marker. I have different cardboard cut outs of tails and fins I use. I lay the cut out on what was the back of the bristle/silicone piece ( it is smoother and easier to trace your cut out on this side) BESURE TO ORIENT THE TAIL OR FINS SO THE BRISTLES ARE RUNNING LONG WAYS) Cut your tail/fins out and shape. When your happy with the shape squeeze a small amount of silicone on your index finger and rub it with your thumb so both are covered in silicone and pull your tail through your thumb/index finger coating both sides of the tail with silicone. If you want to add a bit of glitter to the tail gently shake a bit on each side. It will stick to the wet silicone. Now set them down on the waxed paper and let dry. With the addition of the silicone to the bristles it allows you to shape the tails a bit better and makes them much stronger tail/fin…..Nathan
  7. Thanks for all the help guys..Nathan
  8. Thanks guys..I think I’m leaning that way…Iwata Medea Eclipse HP CS.What models you guys use?..Nate
  9. Senkosam, I see that this is a older post but that is a amazing bit of soft plastic surgery.What type glue did you use?..Nathan
  10. Ok..so after 15 years I’m done with my Aztec airbrush. I’m looking to get a new airbrush. I’m willing to spend a couple hundred if need be. I’ve been looking at a couple with a trigger and grip design one by Grex and the other by Iwata but I’m not settled..Any feed back would be appreciated..Nathan
  11. A quick coat of clear fingernail polish will take care of the sticky problem. Fly tiers do this frequently..Nathan
  12. This is a product I’ve been using for about a year.I’ve only used the brush on type.it is a UV cure product that has a great shine to it and is very tough Brush on a thin coat, rotate a few minutes to level out and hit with a hand torch to set. Add another coat if needed and repeat. When your done clear coating set in the sun for a few minutes to make sure it’s hardened all the way through..Nathan
  13. Hillbilly, sorry I’m no help with your current dilemma..You hit the nail on the head..there is a learning curve with all this stuff..Nathan
  14. Raven, you may want to try a UV set type of product. You can carefully apply them between the joints and set them immediately with a UV light…You won’t have to worry about it leaking into the joint as it dries.. See the Alumilite post Hillbilly made..Nathan
  15. Hillbilly, I’ve used the brush on formula and it works great. Multiple coats aren’t a issue..Nathan
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