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  1. Well I know those 2 names well indeed ! But hey , I got a spot for fishing lures and whatnot on front beach this year , any ideas ? I want to have some custom made stuff at my shop !!! My email is still the same funnyfarmtackle@yahoo.com . I have a good sized area for sales , lots of island shoppers , I cant fill it up by myself ! The season will be here soon !
  2. Well I am back , again . I see so many new people on here and so many advances in new lure makers !! Plus all the cnc 3 and 4 axis machine stuff that cunfuses me with the smart stuff !?! You all make the machines , I will buy the bodies ! . I am back on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina again . Getting my lure making stuff back . I will have my stuff in a store on front beach this summer . My little room I rent looks like a work shop more than a bedroom buy hey , I like the smell of fresh carved wood in the morning . Anyway its great to be up again , my email is funnyfarmtackle@yahoo.com a
  3. I am moving to SC at the end of week and my fishing store will hopefully be open by may first . Should be fun !
  4. PDF Tutorial Attached. flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf flexcoat plugs.pdf
  5. PDF Tutorial Attached. nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf nettoot.pdf
  6. sorry for delay , anticipation huh ? The winner . .. . . .. Totaled just over 2,300 I never thought it was so many , either means I am lazy and need to get to work , or to stop buying stuff .
  7. I did an inventory today gearing up for the April lure show in Florida to see what I had and what I want to make for the show . I have alot of work ahead of me . Its going to be an awesome show !!! Can anyone guess roughly how many lure bodies are shown ? I was suprised . I did a rough count as most of the bags are labeled as to how many are in their . Its kinda like guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar .
  8. They make treble hooks also the you can slip on , the big thing they are used on is those blade baits , like sonars and silver minnows
  9. funny farm


    I place 100-800 dollar orders from them quite frequently from stamina , the last one for 800 dollars I got some of the stuff in a week , and the order was all sent in i think 4 shipments spanning 3-4 months , they just have the big hardware that no one else does . I guess depending on stamina you have pre think what you need a few months in advance
  10. and also remember if theres any moisture in the createx the clear coat will be unhappy with you .
  11. My store disapeared one day , which didnt bother me . I have sold hundreds and hundreds easily of lures and never had any sold from my store all were from the auction format .
  12. Theres some stuff called foto frisk or something that had less adheasion , but its also very thin . Createx says to use a heat gun to dry the colors before the next coat , but dont get it to hot it wil boil . . You can watch the water evaporate out of it , its fun
  13. I have never tried it before , Havent heard it mentioned either . Give it a try and let us know how it does . If you have searched the subjects on the board you have seen this is a great debate on clear coats . E-tex , devcon and flex coat seem to always have their loyal , dedicated , and well quite aggressive opionated users . Give the perfect finish a test and let us know . Clear coat is all personal opion and every body has there favorite !!!
  14. Joe brought up a good point with the flamable paints and chooseing the correct fan . Motors are rated for such , an attic fan like i use is an open motor and shouldnt be used with flamables .
  15. cool . thanks you all , it is really a fun thing for the kids . Plus a barrell full of hard baits isnt as fun with all the treble hooks . Trust me I hook myself alot .
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