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  1. Hello Macspredshack Oh Oh!! If your going to say Merry X-mas, you might as well say Happy Holidays. Why take Christ out of Christmas? As you will notice I put Happy Holidays as the heading but also put Merry Christmas in the post. Happy Holidays to me covers Christmas and new years both. but CHRISTMAS is what it's all about. Merry Christmas gang!!
  2. Hey Jerry, you mean this stuff? Man I've made aver 30 batches of it this year. 6 batches in that yellow bowl. That's a lot of peanuts and sugar and all that other crap that goes into it. We were talking about it tonight and I see I have to make a little more. I even had a guy tell me he needed some of that Quali-tied Peanut Brittle. There, now some dude has tried to name it. :oops: I'll see if I can get some to head down to kissame what ever it is where you live. PM me your addy. alright ? Might not make it for Christmas, but it'll get there. Merry Christmas to you and the Family.
  3. To Jerry, the Mods and all board members. We at Quali-tied Tackle wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.
  4. Yep Nathan, it happens all the time here tying streamers. When I tie one that I don't think is good, or feathers laying just right or head not to my liking, I hang it on a special line where I put my streamers to dry and that rear line is for my fishing pleasure. When I meet a fisherman on the stream, I have a clear plastic box just loaded with streamers and I give them away, I catch fish with my mistakes and hand them out all the time. There is nothing wrong with them, just not what I will hang on a card and sell. Heck I have customers that will scrape the paint off, they like them like that I guess. So yep!! Mistakes catch fish, even us fur and feather guys.
  5. When I was stationed in Germany many many moons ago, I went out with chicks that had hairy armpits and legs; You would have been busy there if only you used conditioner on your face, I have to admit Nathananna, you do look good with hair.
  6. 1.) When working with deer tail, the hair closest to the butt end of the tail will be the hollow hair. Use the hair depending on what you're making, Finer hair towards and to the end of the tail. 2.) Always pull, flip, or clean out all the loose hair and stubble from the cut piece of hair. When tying, you want to secure the hair to the hook to stay, with that lose stuff in there it'll come lose every time. 3.) I have already wrapped the hook with the thread and dabbed lacquer on the thread. I also like to dab a little clear lacquer into the hair where I'm securing it to the hook. Pulling it tight and letting the hair flare up at will. At this point some one might use hackle pliers, I just pop a half hitch there to secure the thread. 4.) For this particular pattern I separate the hair and wrap around it to create two separate little doohickeys that the fish think are two chunky little legs. LOL 5.) Once again a dab of lacquer here covering the threads. 6.) This particular popper will get the legs cut short. There are many ways to dress a popper or bass bait. This is just one of many variations.
  7. PDF Tutorial Attached. Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf Dressing Bucktail Trebles.pdf
  8. Ya Nathan!! Keep em coming.. Happy birthday buddy.
  9. Very nice Jerry. Crisp and neat looking. I like what you did to your banner. That spell check should help a lot. Keep up the great work. I'm impressed Jerry!
  10. Hey Jim and the rest of you guys looking for a good vise. If you are still looking, check out www.hmhvises.com Pretty nice piece of equipment. I bought one today. My old Thompson had about bit the dust. I got the silhouette rotary vise with the c-clamp. Now I feel like tying. Very nice vise.
  11. That is strange.......maybe their trying to tell you something..Shhhhquiet It could be a goldmine of a business. The only problem if they paid by check it would probably disappear. At least it's something to have fun with by talking to the streange people.
  12. GaBassNerd, Move on with Ghost Baits, You have a partner offering you the right way to go about your new business. Legendary Lures has all the planning you need. You two should have a lucrative business. I think your business should remain in South Georgia. You guys are too much!!
  13. Get the Phone numbers and address from these unreadables, when your bait business slows down you'll have something to fall back on. Corey is right; Jeff Foxworthy could use that and make money with it.
  14. I use a lead pot that will pop and spit when a chunk of lead is added to the hot stuff and has a lot of impurities in it. You can lift all that crap off the top with a putty knife after its melted and has stopped popping and bubbling. A little moisture will cause it to blow off too.
  15. As soon as the temperature get's out of the single digits and the ice shanty's are laid to rest, I'll get this out of the garage again. Is spring here yet?
  16. Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and properous 2005. Best Wishes to the whole TU Family..
  17. Pretty slick Ken. I think you have too much free time on your hands. Naa, Just kidding. It looks pretty good and a good sense of humor is a good thing to have in this business.
  18. Hey Toby, Send it to GM and Ford, You might have the next style design for a gas saving mini car. Slap a treble on the back and call it the hand brake.
  19. Jim!! I don't understand.. How can anyone work in such a neat, clean, uncluttered, organized area like that? Oh my gosh!! You make me feel like a slob. Naaa, I'm just kidding. It looks very nice. It appears you have spent sometime planning before making it. You should be proud of it.
  20. Looks like you have all kinds of things to try. It's a bummer when the lead won't fill the cavity. I would try to make the hole a little larger with a dremel and make sure the lead is hot. Pour a couple, 3 or 4 if needed w/o the hook to get the mold hot. Be quick when pulling the test lead out of the mold and pour again. The first couple may not be complete. That's because it's not hot enough. Keep pouring until it comes out right and then slip in the hook and go for the good one. Just for reasons like that a lead pot is better then the ladle. Good luck and do be careful with that stuff. It leaves a nasty burn if it finds your skin. As they say, been there done that.
  21. I have 4 retail shops that handle my streamers; I give the retailer the standard 40% discount. That way he can sell at my suggested retail price and make money. That 40% is a standard discount here in Mi. It's probably the same else where, but I'm not sure. Hope this helps a little.
  22. Hey John, Make sure you are signed into the site. You must be logged in to bring up the pic's. If you are still having problems, log out and then log back in. That should fix it. Good luck.
  23. Wow Wes! Very good story. It brings back many good memories of fishing trips with my Father. Fishing technique was different because we fished the fly's only section of the river, and he would coach me how to keep my streamer out of the trees and get it under the banks. What memories your article brings back. Thanks Wes.
  24. Nice story Will, Well there be more? Very good writing.
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