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  1. Brother I see you are in Fresno.  Kerman born and raised here and been living in Fresno for 30 years. Small world!


  2. Sorry my old mind missed that, but same thing applies with flo's separating.
  3. BINGO! Just like some plastisols, fluorescents hard pack more than most colors. They need to be mixed really well. I just used a small screwdriver to break it up, but some guys use beads or small weights. One that's done, as you mentioned, mix it in cold plastic. If you don't, you are wasting color and just beating a dead horse.
  4. Welcome to TU! If you look up top, you will see a sticky thread about lure mold companies. Many of those companies also sell plastic and supplies to make baits. Good luck!
  5. Mark it's been so long since I've made a bait, I'm not completely sure. If I'm not mistaken, I stayed away from anything Pro Cure that read, "Gel." If it was a sauce or oil, I would put it in the plastic. Memory serves me right, any gel made a mess of the plastic. Nowadays when I fish, I just put the scent on my baits.
  6. Pro Cure is my go-to scent. Plenty of squid stuff here..... https://pro-cure.com/?s=squid&post_type=product&et_search=true
  7. Congrats to the winners. I was unable to judge this year because of work and just now looking at the pictures. Amazing talent as usual! And for the record, I can assure everyone there is no favoritism when selecting winners. Nice work and I hope everyone has a great year of fishing!
  8. Opening Night is the color I was thinking of. Old brain couldn't place it!
  9. It looks like there's a violet hi-lite in it. Can we get a closer picture?
  10. I wish I knew. I just know that when I changed to non-bleed, problem solved. I'm guessing similar problems with most if not all fluorescents. I had made a 1000 fluke order at one time with the belly being pearl and the body chartreuse. By the time the customer received them, they were all chartreuse. DOH! Bit the bullet and remade them with non-bleed. Done deal.
  11. An opaque chartreuse would help and also make sure you get a "non-bleed."
  12. Light green pumpkin and I'd probably use a drop or 2 of white to accent the chartreuse.
  13. Same brain here. LOL. Bone is sure not what it used to be! If memory serves me right, bone was clear, and not very long ago!
  14. I can't remember who makes brown watermelon. Either MF or Lure Craft, but you might try that one. Or you could add a touch of brown melon to regular watermelon to darken it a bit. Another option that worked for me is Lure Craft watermelon mixed with a touch of MF cinnamon. That made a nice green pumpkin. Good luck!
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