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  1. I recently bought a bunch of green pumpkin / purple swirl Senko type lures They look amazing, but quick question for you guys: Do you prefer a laminate or swirl?
  2. Those would sure be deadly around here!!
  3. When we first moved, my wife found a 5 gallon MF jug that was about 2 gallons down. This thing had been sitting in my mess for about 7 years and I was easily able to use it with very little shaking. As you mentioned, I'm not even sure I needed to shake it, but felt almost required to after that long. LOL.
  4. Wow.......I actually had to check my account just to see how long I've been here. LOL. March of 2003 and counting......... Happy New Year everyone!!
  5. Got it, brother. I guess I'm just bummed that there's such a difference in the quality. In the end, it's up to you guys, the bait makers. Happy Holidays and have a great 2022!
  6. My apologies, guys. I guess I just wasn't understanding it. Happy Holidays!
  7. I just did a mock order with MF $155 for a 5-gallon drum, 40 bucks shipping. That shipping fee looks to be pretty much anywhere in the US. 195 total = 39 bucks per gallon Sorry I'm just not seeing any reason to purchase a vacuum chamber unless you are mass producing, in which case I sure hope you're buying more than one-gallon containers!
  8. Yup......seems like a no-brainer to me, but again prices have gone up so much that I can see the need for change. Wow.....over 50 bucks shipped for a single gallon. That's crazy!
  9. This is for how much plastisol? I wish I had my figures, but my guess is I paid about $120 for a 5-gallon drum of MF shipped from Texas to California. Lure Craft was in the 100 to 105 range. At the time, there were a couple others I could get for around 75 or 80 bucks, but the bubbles, smell, and other factors kept me from messing with them after I tried a sample or two. I was never one for completely killing myself over a drum of plastisol just to get it pourable. Sad to say it looks like that's what some (many?) of you are doing to keep costs down. And for the record, I have been buying a ton of plastics for my son for Christmas and I can absolutely tell when the plastic is a subpar brand. I realize that's rare and it could just be my curse after pouring for so many years, but maybe something to consider. When I buy soft plastics, I'll take quality over quantity any day!
  10. I was just about to say, "Why don't you guys just use MF??!!"........but I guess there's my answer. Man things have changed. Is it REALLY twice that of the others?
  11. The Megabass Spark Shad is my absolute favorite. Incredible action on that little paddle tail and awesome durability. Sure wish I could make something like that. I never really messed with anything other than Big Hammer type swimbaits when I poured.
  12. Interested to see other's choices as well. I like the hollow body ones. Mainly the Booyah Pad Crasher or the Live Target hollow frog.
  13. Most of the purple swirls that I see are a shade of green pumpkin with violet or purple hi-lite. So much easier than trying to get that swirl effect.
  14. Sadly, there have been several pics reported that I believe were posted by a member or members in need of help. But it is what it is............
  15. A great old school color. If I'm not mistaken, I used light green pumpkin and light root beer. Both LC colors. Hope this helps at least a bit.
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