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  1. Dang closest thing I could find is this one on Ebay. Also made by Berkley. I thought I knew all the soft plastic baits. You have proved me wrong. LOL
  2. Do you know the name of it? Looks like a cross between a Zoom speed worm and a swim Senko.
  3. Man once I discovered minnow silver, it was party time for me! LOL It works so well with hi-lites. That's how I used it most of the time.
  4. Awesome idea! Seems I remember a member or 2 on here who used that. I noticed they also offer it in an aerosol can. Do you use that or just the putty?
  5. Yeah the minnow silver is basically a clear color with a ton of micro silver flake. I remember the color has to be shaken often because the flake will separate. It still looks like that color to me, but I've been wrong before and I'm betting I'll be wrong again.
  6. My guess is a light green pumpkin top with small blue and medium black flake. As for the bottom, not sure if Lure Craft still makes a color called Minnow Silver, but that looks dead on. I used a TON of it back in the day. Very versatile!
  7. This is something I never tried........and wish I did. LOL!
  8. Silver Valley and Mark got you covered, bro. I did it a really old school way, but it seemed to work fine. Hardest part was keeping the baits secure when pulling the plaster. I would just super glue baits on a flat pan, pour over and pull the plaster out when dry. Trim the edges, clean out any excess plaster, and I would use a product called Minwax to coat the mold. Depending on how often I poured, I would generally have to respray the molds a couple times per year. I'm sure the newer guys have a much better product you can coat with, though, and hopefully someone can chime in with ideas. Feel free to fire away with any questions as you go. Good luck!!
  9. Brother if you're not looking to sell them, why not make a couple molds out of plaster? Pretty easy and fairly cheap to do. You might have an imperfection with one from time to time, but the fish don't seem to care :-)
  10. And with that, I think this one will be locked.
  11. When I wanted a deep blood or crimson look, I just used MF regular red..........and a TON of it!! Oh and welcome to TU!!
  12. Oh wow those are wicked looking!
  13. So THAT'S what those holes are for!! LOL I have noticed a few in different craws that I throw. Can't really tell if they make a difference.
  14. I'm 55 and had a pretty intense back surgery in 2019. There are not many things I can do now, but I'm happy to say float tubing is no problem and is actually therapeutic on my back. Not a bad little leg workout either!
  15. Luckily, we don't have them here, but you can bet your behind I wouldn't be IN water if we did!! Earlier this year, I had what looked to be a 60 to 70 pound carp come up right by my tube. That was more than enough for me!!
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