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  1. Interested to see other's choices as well. I like the hollow body ones. Mainly the Booyah Pad Crasher or the Live Target hollow frog.
  2. Most of the purple swirls that I see are a shade of green pumpkin with violet or purple hi-lite. So much easier than trying to get that swirl effect.
  3. Sadly, there have been several pics reported that I believe were posted by a member or members in need of help. But it is what it is............
  4. A great old school color. If I'm not mistaken, I used light green pumpkin and light root beer. Both LC colors. Hope this helps at least a bit.
  5. Everything looks great on my end. Thanks for all the hard work, Curt!
  6. You sure it's not electric chicken? I seem to remember that one. Would you happen to have a picture of what you're looking for?
  7. I used to be big into making a variety of colors. Core shots, split veins, hi-lites........you name it. Then one day I got to thinking why?? I have fished our local river for about 40 years now and there are still 2 colors that dominate over all soft plastics in that water: Watermelon - red flake for main river, clearer water and Green Pumpkin - red flake for ponds and more stained water. I might throw an oxblood color or red shad from time to time, but those colors are about as solid as it gets for me. Now if I make a watermelon - black flake worm with a red core shot vein, am I going to catch more fish than just adding red flake? I doubt it, but one thing I DO know is the bait will be much harder to make. If you are one to experiment (like I was once upon a time) and just wanna have fun with it, by all means do it. But I would ask myself these questions...... Are core shots nicer looking? Yes Will they catch more fishermMEN? Maybe Are they harder to make? Of course! Will they catch more fish? Possibly, but is it really worth the extra effort? If you decide to make core shots, I think SlowFISH nailed it with a light smoke outer color, touch of hi-lite and a vibrant core. Red, green, blue, or purple. Another combo I'd like to see is maybe something that resembles a sexy shad pattern as I've been catching fish on wake baits in that color. Maybe a blue smoke with a yellow vein. Perhaps some white flake (if they even make it) or something similar? Whatever the case, I hope you have fun doing it and wish you the best of luck!
  8. Wow........that's sad to hear. R.I.P. Del
  9. Either that or they don't wanna refund a 55 gallon barrel.
  10. Very, VERY good advice!
  11. alsworms


    Probably poor lighting or my monitor, but that looks like red bug, not june bug
  12. alsworms


    Agreed. I used LC's Black Grape because the green flake would always get discolored with the regular purple.
  13. I have an old school one..... 4 ounces of plastic 7 drops Strawberry Red 3 drops Black Grape Both Lure Craft colors It was a winner every time in my book!
  14. I stopped in a local tackle shop a few days ago and boy have things changed. I haven't been in there in probably a decade and was shocked at the number of soft plastic companies out there. I'm guessing 50 percent I haven't even heard of. Might be a good thing, though, because I bought several packs of unknown baits. Who knows, right? I know this isn't a "cost per lure" thing, but rather an "is it worth it with all the competition" now, but hey.......if you've got something that's solid and will catch a fisherman's eye (like it did with me,) I say get after it!
  15. Yes most softeners are the same. It's the hardeners that are not.
  16. Brother I see you are in Fresno.  Kerman born and raised here and been living in Fresno for 30 years. Small world!


  17. Sorry my old mind missed that, but same thing applies with flo's separating.
  18. BINGO! Just like some plastisols, fluorescents hard pack more than most colors. They need to be mixed really well. I just used a small screwdriver to break it up, but some guys use beads or small weights. One that's done, as you mentioned, mix it in cold plastic. If you don't, you are wasting color and just beating a dead horse.
  19. Welcome to TU! If you look up top, you will see a sticky thread about lure mold companies. Many of those companies also sell plastic and supplies to make baits. Good luck!
  20. Mark it's been so long since I've made a bait, I'm not completely sure. If I'm not mistaken, I stayed away from anything Pro Cure that read, "Gel." If it was a sauce or oil, I would put it in the plastic. Memory serves me right, any gel made a mess of the plastic. Nowadays when I fish, I just put the scent on my baits.
  21. Pro Cure is my go-to scent. Plenty of squid stuff here..... https://pro-cure.com/?s=squid&post_type=product&et_search=true
  22. Congrats to the winners. I was unable to judge this year because of work and just now looking at the pictures. Amazing talent as usual! And for the record, I can assure everyone there is no favoritism when selecting winners. Nice work and I hope everyone has a great year of fishing!
  23. Opening Night is the color I was thinking of. Old brain couldn't place it!
  24. It looks like there's a violet hi-lite in it. Can we get a closer picture?
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