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  1. I have a couple of their molds and honestly couldn't take a guess, but I'd call/email and ask them. They just might be cool enough to tell you.
  2. Anything you like. Play around with it and find what works best for YOU! Personally, a really good base flake would be lots of small red with a touch of large black flake. I used that on many of my baits. When it comes to flake color and size, the possibilities are endless. Oh and welcome to TU!!
  3. Nailed it.......for now.......
  4. Check out the sticky thread above called "List of Lure Mold Companies." Most of these companies also sell plastisol. Good luck!
  5. Interesting that it found nothing. Adchoice is obviously the culprit. Get rid of that and you're good. Don't ya just hate when you look at something on the computer and say, "Wait a minute......that wasn't there yesterday!!" LOL
  6. I use my computer to access this site as well and don't have any problems. Is this something that just recently started happening? You might want to run a malware or virus scan and check for any pop-up or ad blockers.
  7. Couple of things I'm thinking..... Is your plastic mixed thoroughly enough? How long are you waiting before removing the worms?
  8. Brother I'm sorry we've had so much of it lately that it really looked like i!! LOL Personally, I have messed around with stencil art on some baits, but I'm not anywhere NEAR experienced as those who I hope help chime in on your topic. Good luck and Blessings! Chris
  9. First glance I thought this was SPAM.......we've had so much of it lately!!! LOL Carry on.....
  10. I would agree 100% about MF. Hoping it's a bad batch, brother. Good luck!!
  11. How are they packaged for the customer? That dull finish looks to be easily fixed by oiling your baits in the package. A few drops of worm oil in each bag should do the trick. If you are salting them, hopefully the customer doesn't notice. Either way doesn't sit well with me, though. I'm calling the plastisol being the problem and anytime you have to hide an issue, not good. If I'm making those baits, I'm checking out samples from other companies. Sorry, brother, but that's just my
  12. Very strange thing to happen with ANY brand of plastic. My first instinct was the mold, but if you say they are nice coming out, gotta be something in the mix. Are you using heavy salt? Changed your mixture or coloring by chance? I'd still consider trying a different mold and also I'd love to see a picture of the problem. As said, never had to worry about anything with MF. Emails and phone calls have gone unanswered. Hope you all find something comparable.
  13. Sorry to upset you, brother, but like I've already mentioned, Jeff and Robert and are like me and my dad when we ran a raisin farm. My dad, Rich, had the fire. I did not. I will never apologize for something that was said as fact......and I'm not the type of guy who will say "I told you so" when they are still not open in February. As you mentioned, I don't make baits anymore, but I know many who do.......and they are not happy. I really hope MF pulls it together for future service. That said, I think we've spent enough time on this. Gladly shutting this one down
  14. I believe he was talking to me LOL. Bottom line is when Robert owned MF, it was a streamlined business that people could count on. This Jeff person I've never spoken to and have had no contact with. I don't know about you guys, but when I made baits, this was the beginning of the busy time of year. Fishermen are now buying instead of fishing. Y'all can draw your own conclusions, but if I'm being told MF might be back in business by Christmas, I'm simply looking for a new supplier. It's obvious Jeff has his own agenda. I honestly think it's sad that a major company like MF would do this, but unfortunately it happens when there's a takeover from a person who already has too much on his plate. BTW.......try as I might, I couldn't post this with one eye tied behind my back and couldn't quite beat that 2/10 (1/5 for those who have had a math class) of a second, but it only took 2 minutes and 12 seconds to write the entire post. Hard to believe a guy like Jeff doesn't have a couple of minutes to spare, but maybe that's just me ;-)
  15. That video is over 90 minutes long. At what point does he say they are closing down?
  16. Can't ever go wrong with old school motor oil!
  17. Personally, I'd go with Pro Cure anise or crawfish
  18. Problem is you won't be buying it from MF any time soon unless there is another supplier.
  19. I'm a first hand witness to this. I lived on a raisin farm for over 20 years. I saw what it did to my dad. Always stressed. One rain and the crop is ruined. He had 3 heart attacks, the first one at the young age of 46. The third one killing him at 52. As much as I loved the ranch, I sure didn't have the fire that my dad had and could never have kept it up. We ended up selling it and here I am almost 40 years later doing pest control LOL. As said, sure hoping MF bounces back!!
  20. If I'm the web designer/maintainer for MF, it would literally take seconds to change the original post to something like..... TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE And if you want to give me 6 more seconds of web work...... PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON..........or...........WE EXPECT TO BE IN FULL SERVICE BY HALLOWEEN Instead, everyone is in the dark. Don't get me wrong. I loved MF's products as that was pretty much all I used, but customers should know the overall plan. You might have an inside scoop, but the rest of us don't. Not good customer service. As I said, really hope I'm wrong here.
  21. Honestly something very suspicious about this one. Personally, I wouldn't be counting on MF products from now on. Been in and out of the industry for close to 4 decades and typically when something like this happens, the company is toast. This is one of those times when I'm REALLY hoping I'm wrong, but you can't be so busy that you can't add a message on your site or at least return a phone call. I have 2 messages without return calls........and I don't even make baits anymore! LOL Hoping for a return or at least a merger, but I wouldn't be holding my breath. Peace
  22. Thanks for the update! It would be nice if they would have a notice on their site. I mean it's not that hard to do LOL!
  23. Thanks all for continuing to report these. Much appreciated! Chris
  24. Not a veteran, but you guys deserve the discount, brother!!
  25. Try buying a concert ticket these days. If it's anyone worth a crap, the hidden fees are outrageous. I wanted to surprise my wife for her birthday and buy a couple Eagles tickets. The seats I chose weren't bad at 160 bucks each. Upon checkout, the total order was $510 for 2 tickets. That's 150 bucks worth of BS in my opinion, so I didn't pull the trigger. I'll buy the wife some jewelry or something. At least she'll have something to show for it. LOL
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