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  1. I knew there had to be something else in there. Makes sense. Sure didn't know they were made in China though!
  2. Dang that wouldn't be good then. I just don't have any confidence in a spray scent. I feel like the stuff is gone after a couple casts. I have always wondered this about Googan stuff, guess I'll continue adding my own scent. LOL.
  3. Nice scent, can't really call it other than it's a HEAVY anise base.
  4. Now THIS.......is pretty much dead on. Every word of it. Grubs were one of very few baits that I amped up the plastic. I used MF super soft back in the day. Don't know what "soft sinking" is? Here on the west coast, guys wanted stuff SOFT.........but my grubs would tear up too easily......and they let me know it. Once I went to medium, problem solved. If Epic molds looks like Kalin's, buy it. THEN mess around with the plastic until you get the action you need. Oh and nailed it with Lure Craft. Tons of awesome single tail grubs. And Del's stuff was unmatched. Peace :-)
  5. There are many black grapes out there. Do you have a picture of what you're looking for? I used just basic Lure Craft black grape and was very happy with it.
  6. Spike-It Sharpies do the trick for me!
  7. If Creme didn't make it, my bet would be on Culprit
  8. Really tough to sell a soft plastic bait company unless you're someone like Yamamoto. As mentioned, you will more than likely have to piece it out. Not really the name people are after. It's your molds and other products, provided they are of good quality.
  9. I liked Lure Craft, but added a little brown to it.
  10. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!!
  11. alsworms

    Gluing eyes

    And they would be right because I keep buying them! Sometimes the conversation on the boat is funny though..... "Hey son look at this one......it actually has BOTH eyes!!"
  12. alsworms

    Gluing eyes

    Thanks, Dink. That's really cool. The Megabass Spark Shad is one of my favorite swimbaits, but I notice their eyes are constantly falling off. You'd think Megabass would have enough money to fix that. LOL.
  13. alsworms

    Gluing eyes

    Hmmmm........interesting. So it's dipped in clear hot plastic?
  14. alsworms

    Gluing eyes

    That's all I ever used and had great luck with it, but I feel the need to break down and ask this stupid question....... What do y'all mean by clear dipping and would someone care to share how it's done?
  15. alsworms


    No worries, guys. Hind sight is always 20/20 and I shouldn't have posted that when I had a miserable day. Lesson learned. I'm seriously only a complete jerk like twice a year and you guys just happened to catch one. LOL The thing is most often these people are initially trying to sell something, then get pissed when their posts are removed and the user is banned. You would think it would stop there, but in most cases it doesn't. They log in as a new member using a different ISP address and now their sole purpose is to irritate us. And round and round we go. It's no fun, but we do try to weed out the bad. Thank you guys for hanging in there with us! Chris
  16. alsworms


    Personally, I check this twice a day. Myself.......like the other moderators.........have day jobs and lives and don't sit in front of TU 24/7. We are doing the best we can. The recent spam has been deleted and the user banned. It is unfortunate that losers choose a place like TU to try and sell their ridiculous products, but it does happen. We try to stay on top of it. In the meantime, I might suggest chilling out a bit and not letting SPAM get to you so much. Personally, I know every time I look for trouble, I find it ;-) I have been a member of other sites (non fishing related) where I read the same SPAM for a month or more before it's taken down. You reported it over the weekend, 3 days ago. You have been a member here for 5 months. Tackle Underground started in 1998. Drifting aimlessly? I think we'll be okay. LOL Again people.......not trying to be a jerk here, but we try the best we can. Sometimes things fall between the cracks and we as humans might miss something, but let me make a suggestion. If we miss something (and I mean something that's been up for 2 days, not 2 hours!) send me a message and direct me to where the problem is. I will be more than happy to take care of it. Posts like these just generally create more trouble.
  17. Tough to find in Australia, brother, but welcome to TU!!
  18. Wow......brilliant work as usual!!
  19. I don't know who makes them, but I think the same of them as I do Big Bite Baits. They take a tough rap, but honestly I feel their stuff is pretty good.
  20. Must be a Florida humidity thing because I haven't poured a worm in 10 years and still use baits that I have on the wall.
  21. Oxblood maybe? Brown grape??
  22. I researched it for years brother with no luck. If you find something, please let us know!
  23. Welcome, brother. Enjoy your stay!
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