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  1. Mylures

    Walleye Snak 2

    Here are some of my Walleye Snaks that I had on my display at a Downtown Market.
  2. Mylures

    Spectra Ply Baits

    Here are a couple of baits I made using Spectra Ply. They are weighted slightly in the front of the bill and have a nice wide wobble. Great for Bass, Pike, Walleye and other fish.
  3. This is a display piece I made Saluting all our Military Veterans and to thank them for their service. This display will be displayed at the Calumet County, Wi. Court house. Comments Welcome.
  4. Sorry to hear about Coley. I think we first hooked up on TM.com many years ago. I had to chance to meet Coley at Nathans get togethers but unfortunately I couldn't make either one. I really regret that. My deepest condolences to Coleys family. I shared a few forums and emails with Coley. A great lure maker and very kind person. We will all miss him. I did get to see a few pictures of Nathans get together in Missouri and even though I wasn't there in person I felt like I was a part of the get together. When my time comes I hope Coley keeps a spot for me in LUREMAKERS HEAVEN.
  5. Mylures


    Coley, I never had the pleasure to meet you in person but I think your an awesome luremaker and and awesome person. I wish you the best and you will be in my prayers, Be strong and get well. Ken Schmitz
  6. This is the process I use for dressing hooks or attaching a SS wire to a hook shank to attach a rubber tail. As you can see in the photo I bend the ends around so the plastic tail won't just slide off. I bend the wire like that on both ends and put one end in the hooks eye. I then wrap some tying thread around the wire and hook shank to secure the wire in place. I put a coat of clear nail polish on it. Then I put a piece of heat shrink tubing over this assembly and heat it with a bic lighter. I then apply a coat of clear nail polish over this again for the finished product. When I'm dressing hooks with maribou or other materials I took a small needle nose pliers and drilled a 3/16" hole through where the wire cutter is located. Very hard to drill but I used some diamond coated wheels to smooth the hole. I put the hook in the hole of the pliers and close the pliers. Then I add the heat shrink tubing and heat with a bic lighter. The reason for the pliers is to keep the flame and heat away from the feathers or marabou. I think it works great and looks great also. Be sure to use extreme caution when applying heat as all the materials are flammable except for the heat shrink tubing. I hope this helps out and if you have any questions please pm, email or post your questions online. Thanks Ken Schmitz I buy the heat shrink tubing at Harbor Freight in 8' lenghts This is for musky baits and I haven't tried it on smaller hooks.
  7. Here are a few of my latest Baby MuskieBurger Collectables. These baits are made from a laminated and dyed wood. I turn the baits and apply 3 coats of Envirotex Lite. Ken
  8. Congrats Nate, thats awesome. They are so precious.
  9. Yes Gene it is really me. I don't go online much anymore because we live in what they call a dead zone. I live just about a 1/4 mile of the east shore of Lake Winnebago. In the opposite direction there is a huge rock ledge that runs for hundreds of miles. Until we got satelite TV we could only get 2 stations here. We have a new provide for internet service. I'm in the process of seeing if it will work here. Hopefully I'll have high speed in a couple of weeks. Gotta have something to occupy my time so I make baits and do some craft shows. Can't afford the big sport shows. I guess as long as I get all my costs covered and can buy more supplies I will be doing this yet for awhile. I hope all goes well for you and you enjoy your retirement. Keep in touch as its always nice to hear from you. I sent Coley a PM but haven't heard back yet. Ken
  10. Here are a few of my midsize fall baits. The Magnum MuskieBurger Jr. has been a poplar bait. Comments welcome.
  11. Here is one of the muskies Trevor caught on one of my baits. 47 inch.
  12. Mylures

    Monster MuskieBurgers

    Here are a few of my latest Monster MuskieBurgers. The Black & White Firetiger has been the most productive. A young guide from Canada has been quite sucessful with my baits. Just got a photo from him with a nice 47 inch musky he caught on the Black & White.
  13. Hey Gene, congrats are in order here. Its been a looooooooooooooong time. Way too long. Hope your sitting down when you see this. You may fall off your chair. I'm still playing around with some baits. Once you get hooked you can't ever seem to stop. Of course you already knew that. Sorry I didn't get to make it to Nathan's get together. It would have been nice to finally meet you, Nate, Coley and Redgator. I don't know where the time goes. I've been retired 11 years this past July already. Don't know how I ever had time to go to work.l Retirement has been awesome. Well Gene enjoy everyday of retirement. You earned it. The best to you always and good luck bait making and fishing. Ken Schmitz
  14. Mylures

    Walleye & Bass Baits.

    Yes Diemai I base color & then use different brushes to hand paint the rest of the bait. Thanks for the compliments. Very much appreciated. Ken
  15. Mylures

    Walleye & Bass Baits.

    Just thought I would show a couple of baits I just finished & going to try out maybe this coming week if the weather cooperates. A little cool & early yet but they are starting to get some fish. Comments welcome.
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