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  1. So you are looking for someone to plastic inject your lures? Skeeter
  2. If it is not right.....it never leaves the shop. Skeeter
  3. Iwata makes a lube for their guns. Get some. If it still sticks then you have paint in your trigger assembly. Skeeter
  4. Strip it. If your clear is epoxy, then you will have to sand it off. But what you really need to do is find out the reason your clear and paint flaked. Skeeter
  5. What is in it that makes it specifically for lure making? Skeeter
  6. Lol.....and the definitely aren't easy to do cleanly either. Skeeter
  7. It is true that you don't need a lure painted 8 different colors to catch a fish. But oh...aren't some of them a work of art? I appreciate good work. Those guys just separate themselves from the rest of us. Personally, I appreciate their efforts. It keeps me striving to do better everytime I pick up an airbrush. Skeeter
  8. I think it is your environment. What is the temp in your shop? What is the humidity? I think your epoxy is curing too quickly. Skeeter
  9. I tear my gun down and clean it completely between each color. But I am shooting lacquer. I don't want any chance of colors being mixed. Skeeter
  10. My local Lowes has started carrying it. If not find a glass shop. You want .060 which is 1/16 th. Make sure it has a plastic coating on it to protect it from scratching. Plus you can draw on it to lay out your lips. Skeeter
  11. Years ago I did some reading on the different filters for masks. From what I read, there is no filter made to stop isocyanates. Great post. Good information. Thanks for sharing. Skeeter
  12. And the basketball courts are a joke with all of the players out there. Just like the golf course, the football fields, and the baseball diamonds. But the cream always rises to the top doesn't it? Most of us recognize true tallent, don't we? "How bad you want it?" Skeeter
  13. I think the bigger question is...."How much work are you willing to get into?" If your stuff is good and the orders come in, then remember you are going to have to come home from work and get to work. Then remember that you have to be there for your customers. I played the pro game for years. But it was the BFL guys that really beat me up. It just got to be too much. So much so that I became to hate making a bait. The enjoyment was gone. Then you have to deal with "Butt Heads" that want to complain about your prices, don't want to pay you after you finished their order, comp
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