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  1. i was working with this mold picture, I think i have it scaled close and the yellow hook is a mustad 32886-4/0 it looks like it might work with some modifications. I don't have the mold nor have I tried this.
  2. USPlastic.com be sure to check what size you have. this is where I get mine
  3. 9" - 28 to 35 parts 12" will get about 30% more, not worth it me.
  4. I guess I was wrong, i got front and back mixed up
  5. Needs a couple beads behind the clevis?
  6. sounds like you have the right tools, all you need now is practice. for the most part we use an exacto knife with a pointed end
  7. i use 6% antyimony in spincasting. it will be hard (no pun intened) to break off the spru in hand pouring. when I have a difficult pour in hand pouring I will use hard lead because I think it casts easier. last time i checked, roto only sells lead with around 4% linotype runs around 10-12% andtimony. I have hand poured 6% and that is plenty hard, I wouldn't call it brittle but breaking off the spru can leave a hole where it breaks off.
  8. dlaery

    Blade Type

    a magnet will pick up steel blade, it will not pick up brass blades unless they are nickle plated and the nickle will be slightly attracted to a magnet.
  9. dlaery

    Blade Type

    brass blades do not rust, some blades are made from steel, they will rust. so if you buy nickel plated bladew you need to find out if they are brass or steel
  10. i have used them for years. I love them because of the pistol grip. when they wear out i get a new one.
  11. dlaery

    Hook ID

    no, someone wants to buy some and i am trying to figure out what they are. i'm not use to dealing with those kind of hooks
  12. dlaery

    Hook ID

    thanks for the info. that's helpful.
  13. dlaery

    Hook ID

    Thanks Ted, I have an older Eagle Claw book, i'll see If I can find them in there.
  14. dlaery

    Hook ID

    anyone know what kind (Brand) of hooks these are? I am trying to figure out what they are, so I can buy some.
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