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  1. Thank you for sharing the great idea, Dave. I'd like to add a small one to yours. First, thin circuit board lips are more flexible than the thick lexan lips. So, when we retrieve a crankbait, the thin circuit board lip is twisted to one side (right or left) by the pressure of the water. Then the twist of the lip turns back to the original state, and ths moves the crankbait waggle faster. This process will occur continuously every times the crankbait swim to one side (right or left). Sorry for my long absence and poor English.
  2. Thanks, Bob Some transparent material like gel pad might make it more beautiful and I also will try.
  3. How about putting a shock absorber in the lip slot like this? I used small two plates of gum. A little bit ugly but seems to be durable.
  4. Hiro


    Deep diving balsa flatside crankbait.
  5. BobP is right and you should set the lip deeper to where almost near the eyes. Deeper lip slot will make the lip stronger with super glue like Devcon 2 ton. You can do this if you make a V letter cut on the upper part of the lip to avoid the front eye heaton. I also use the lightest (softest) balsawood, Devcon 2ton, and twisted wire eyes and my lure never broken when I fished the big Barramundi.
  6. Hiro


    Balsawood popper for bass and seabass.
  7. Hiro


    Flatside balsa crankbait. Present for a happy family.
  8. I do it like this with a hand saw, a vise and 4 pieces of hard wood.
  9. Hiro


  10. Hiro


  11. Long time no see guys. I'm alive and sorry to be anxious about me, Pete Recently I rather like to go trekking than fishing I am one of the members from TackleMaking .com. Many years ago, Erik, the owner of the site asked me to get a tutorial of lure making from my personal site, and this is how I participate in TM. I've had a pleasant time and learned a lot of things from other members. Hiro
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