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  1. I use both the hidden weight and traditional head spinnerbaits. I can't tell any difference in fish catching ability. My favorite is the bullet head. Seems to come through guerilla better than any other head style.
  2. Shoot a squirt of Pam in the tube. Non stick cooking spray works great for lubing and cleaning your injectors. It has no ill effects on your plastic as well.
  3. I wouldn't change a thing. If it catches fish you can't ask for anything else.
  4. I have a couple of molds with lots of ribs and I fight these as well. Pretty sure it's a venting issue.
  5. basskat

    Gluing eyes

    I've never seen any ill effects of the clear dip. If anything it adds a little strength to the head without affecting the action. Some baits that I paint the whole body is clear dipped.
  6. basskat

    Gluing eyes

    I've tried every glue known to man and clear dipping trumps them all.
  7. basskat

    Swim jig

    I found the poison tail makes a pretty good swim jig. Do-It’s swim jig head catches too much grass on the hook eye. No idea who makes that mold.
  8. Most of my baits either have garlic or anise.
  9. Our local tv station videos a lot of weddings, etc. One family said it was right in line price wise as all the other video services. Not sure if he plans on advertisements or what with this. I think advertising would be expensive.
  10. I use several myself. Have not seen where they hang any more than a round bend or wide gap.
  11. I have three different brands and the Bass tackle are the best.
  12. I think its just a smaller profile. I fish with both and can't tell the fish prefer one over the other.
  13. I know you can't do this to a jig but if you have bright shiny tungsten weights, heat until red hot, drop in cold water and you have black weights that never wears off. (They can't have a plastic insert either)
  14. You have a picture?
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