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  1. That's one of the drawbacks of working with powder.
  2. What happens if you add the dye before heating? Looks like the dye is not dissolved. I'd bet it would dissolve in raw plastic.
  3. I can see where they would really shine in swimbaits.
  4. I've found that when using powders it's easier to add before cooking. Have dabbled around with them but just sticking with liquids myself. The color shift does have some appeal but will they catch more fish than green pumpkin?
  5. No Bait Plastics. Sorry should have stated that.
  6. I really can't tell any difference. Switched when Baitjunky's quit carrying Calhoun's. Used around 25 gallons so far this year with no issues.
  7. MF's colorant is close
  8. I'm not really understanding your question. Is the plastic getting hard before your through injecting or is the injector binding up? If the plastic is getting hard inject the mold faster. Make sure your plastic is warm enough to inject. Also warm the injector and mold before starting.
  9. Is it about the same diameter as an old monster? I'm looking for a mold that is similar to the big dead ringer. The dead ringer has a wider tail than the old monster. Great bait to throw in the grass. Only problem with the Zoom is one fish and it's done.
  10. I shot over 8,000 baits this past year through the BJ mold and the only issues I had were self inflicted. All my customers love them.
  11. I have the Bait Junky 10.5 ribbon tail mold. Probably catch more fish on it in the summer than any other bait I throw.
  12. This post is use less without pictures! Let's see a few baits.
  13. I use Lure works GP 156. It is close to Zoom's. 20 drops a cup is a good starting point.
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