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  1. Certain baits are easy to store. I store ribbontail worms, crawfish, tubes, etc in boxes. You just have to take your time layering them in. Make sure they are well cured before storing.
  2. I'm pretty sure the sterilite is what I use. Lids snap on and seal. They stack nice and neat.
  3. I store mine in plastic shoe boxes.
  4. I've been around since 2003. Some guys just got tired of making baits, others got too old and Facebook took a lot away from forums. I prefer the forums over Facebook.
  5. I throw one of those rice bags in my salt container.
  6. You have to use the STS out of it method
  7. I have one from Basstackle that is 1/2” shorter than the Zoom mag trick worm and 2/2” longer than the Zoom mag finesse worm. Throw it on a 3/8 or 1/2 oz shakey head. Works great here on Pickwick.
  8. Is there a cross reference as to what these hooks match up with?
  9. That's one of the drawbacks of working with powder.
  10. What happens if you add the dye before heating? Looks like the dye is not dissolved. I'd bet it would dissolve in raw plastic.
  11. I can see where they would really shine in swimbaits.
  12. I've found that when using powders it's easier to add before cooking. Have dabbled around with them but just sticking with liquids myself. The color shift does have some appeal but will they catch more fish than green pumpkin?
  13. No Bait Plastics. Sorry should have stated that.
  14. I really can't tell any difference. Switched when Baitjunky's quit carrying Calhoun's. Used around 25 gallons so far this year with no issues.
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