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  1. Coley


    Yes, thanks Gene. Found out today that the doctors can do no more for me. I have another strain of pneumonia. They are trying a antibiotic on. If it doesn't get it. Then its home with hospice.
  2. Iam sorry,I was trying to explain how to make a one piece mold. Sounds like you are trying to make a swimbait.
  3. I have poured many baits over the years and the learning curve was tough.I have tried everything.The best method I have come up with so far is as follows:A two piece mold is the easiest to make.You may use any type of wood for the model.Take two pieces same size including thickness. Paint one side of each piece black (not heavy). Spot glue the painted painted sides together,this will give you a good center line to carve your model from? Both halves need to be as close to the same thickness as possible when finished. Each outside must be sealed good to fill all Pores in the wood or they will show up in the mold and on your bait. Then wax both halves before you separate them. I use a little super glue gel to glue them together, about three places. Separation is easy, use a very sharp, thin blade knife. Nothing is hurt even if it tears a little wood from the inside it doesn't matter. Stay on the centerline, you will be able to seen it. More later.
  4. Coley


    Thank you for your reply.
  5. Coley


    Does anyone on this site paint with a Harder Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 airbrush??
  6. I could be wrong and I hope I am. I think this whole thing was a sham from the git-go.
  7. I use Alumilite RC-3 resin for my baits. I prime with Krylon white primer and paint with lacquer. Have had no problems of this type.
  8. If there is not a lot more interest in the " TU get together " than there is now, Coley and Charlie will not be there.
  9. Coley and Charlie plan to be there.
  10. I will send you one Tuesday. It is really wild. Which Zip code 76039 or 76040 Coley
  11. It will work perfect everytime if you weigh it out. I have been using it for years in the 4 oz. bottles. And I always weigh it out in equal amounts.
  12. Coley

    Lead Heads

    Eagle brand concrete sealer works great for this, even over paint. And you can dip it. Coley
  13. This is a sad day for Gene, Linda, Charlie and myself. Normally we would be on our way to Clinton, MO. Maybe another time?? Coley
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