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  1. Just can't help myself. I the weather is uncooperative, I'm down in the basement with the candle and soldering iron making new and unique designs. The challenge is finding new lure actions that incite the strike. When we fish various lures, hard or soft, we take note (or should) of a lure's actions we see beneath us in the water. Those that consistently catch fish may have actions that are obvious, some not so much. Take the Kut Tail Worm for example by Gary Yamamoto. Rigged on a light 1/32 oz jig with a #2 hook, the action is incredible as it whips from side to side mid-depth. The plastic he
  2. I've added American Fishing Wire (AFW) Tooth Proof Stainless Steel Single Strand Leader Wire to small jig heads for around 10 years. The guard is a narrow loop attached to the base of the line tie by wrapping one side, bending the wire such that the rounded tip is just before the barb, bent just a bit and the other end completing the wrap in the other direction. The wire comes in many gages rated by pound test. I use the thinnest and it allows me to slowly work a fallen tree branch without getting hung up as well a lily pads. You might consider using the wire in your jig making process. A
  3. Most times I keep the temp below 300, stirring to see of the plastic can be injected and is free from inconsistent smoothness. I've seen the bubbling,, stir the plastic and reheat it and it usually disappears. But thanks for the tip.
  4. I think I still have some and when I find it will add it to see if there's any difference. Even a slight yellow tinge in my clear baits is no big deal considering the fact that clear lures aren't colorless underwater.
  5. Bought it. like it ! Question: I still have plastic in jugs at least 6 years old. Is it normal for some of it to yellow a bit before color is added after heating to 325 degrees? No problem if dye is added which covers it.
  6. Use the boiled water method to straighten out warped bodies. Never knew it made them softer but will check that out. Thanks for the head up.
  7. Melted plastic will always produce vapors - the higher the heat the more. Whether it causes serious chronic respiratory problems is dependent on how much is melted and how often. Producing a good amount of lures to sell seems to be a sure way of upping the odds of that happening. Ventilation is key meaning the use of a fan to ventilate fumes upward into a ceiling vent or horizontally as in my example. Like I said, I inhale second hand smoke from my pipe daily but not enough that I can't run up and down stairs a few times or jog 40 yards at a clip. If you can't do that without breathing d
  8. I heat plastic in the basement. If I plan on heating a lot to pour the same color plastic in different molds I open the window above and put a small fan facing outside. If the smell is a bit too much, I take that fan out and use are very large, circular floor fan directed toward the window. Never have found the need for a face mask. (Of course the wife bitches about my pipe smoke and I have to do it anyway at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes.) One thing I found extremely important was to NEVER overheat plastic and to accomplish that I heat 30-45 seconds at a time until injectable which is
  9. Medium soft is fine for micro lures and larger swimbaits.
  10. Some more: Here I added a Mann Augertail worm tail to a grub body:
  11. No bubbles indicating moisture. Just yellowing.
  12. To buy that much plastic you must be selling ! I admire those who do sell lures in that they must have the discipline to consistently reproduce the same exact colors and lure softness for every order. Not me which is why I don't sell lures - only glitter. I can't only use a few lures that I know catch fish when fish are found and active. Variety is the spice of fishing as I've said many times before where color variety is secondary to the combination of design, action and size - at least for me, soft plastic being the most versatile material of all. When I look at many of the soft plast
  13. Don't pour nearly as much as I used to. You must sell lures. I never did - personal use only. Now with a candle flame to fuse lure parts together, hand poured or store bought stored for decades, I come up with much better designs for catching all freshwater species. Last year I bought molds off Ebay cheap and use the parts from those pours not found on the usual mold sites. Guess I'll have to buy new plastic for clear lures or lure parts. BTW - M-F never responded to my voice recording asking the question about yellowing.
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