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  1. come back/ now im the only tallahassean on the sight lol

  2. Tally has nailed it for 2Ton. Also make sure your bait rest for a while, before applying the 2Ton epoxy. Also make sure your mixing consistent. When you open a NEW tube of 2Ton squirt it in to a mixing cup or paper to get the mix right. Sometimes with 2Ton on a new tube, you will get an inconsistent mix. But I hardly use 2Ton now except on BIG HUGE BAITS Like this one I did for a friend in Texas. These are Top Water TUNA Baits. Charlie made them and I Put them into their Armani Suits.
  3. Like Woodieb8's said, I need to bring myself to do that! Excellent work!
  4. Any time you put a layer on you really need to let it rest. I am sure your chemist told you that each type of paint or chemical overlay needs to "sweat". By sweat I mean that gasses are released during curing of the product and if trapped underneath another product it will cause problems, especially if you apply a top coat to a unit that has not fully cured. Good Luck and let me know how it all turns out for you!
  5. There are a lot of good post on this thread and I was amazed that it started back in 2003 and I actually posted on it in 2003! Gees where has the time gone? Most of the Custom Hard bait makers that have a hand in the buisness have posted! Keep the faith but be carefull what you wish for. The 18 hour days are no joke. And there are some customers you will never please..
  6. I have thought about this for a day or so and I think alot of the problems with incompatibilty may come from not letting the bait rest during the manufacturing process. In Resting I am refering to letting the sealing agent cure, base coat cure, final paint job cure before the final clear coat process. Also, Humidity can play havoc on the above process. just my Very Interesting post and It has me thinking more than I need too..
  7. I shoot at around 18 psi for some colors and 10-12 for others.. 60 seems like a bit much.. Your paint must be real thick. Try reducing it down to around the consistency of milk.
  8. You can do it without buying the crackle finish from the hobby store.. Just remember, when its wet, hit it with the hair dryer on HIGH until its dry.. You will get that crackle finish, As long as your dryer gets hot.. Good luck
  9. I have done the crackle finish by spraying a heavy layer of createx pearl over the base coat and while its still wet, throw a coat of transparent or Opaque color over it. While it is still wet, Hit it with the hair dryer! The outer color will skin over before the lower coat. As the lower coat dry's it will create the crackle finish your looking for. Good Luck.
  10. Just thought I would stop by and say hi to everyone and catch up on a few post and noticed it was your birthday! Happy Birthday. I also noticed a bunch of new faces in the Hard Bait Section!
  11. Guys, I have been reading this with great interest since the beginning. Albeit I have not had a lot of time to respond. I am definetly for the association and support it!
  12. Well Joe, You came to the right spot! Welcome, there is a wealth of Info within this forum!
  13. Dude, You got some packaging to do!!
  14. Welcome to the Addiction... Good looking lure for your first. Keep up the good work.
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