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  1. Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers.
  2. If you make as many lures as I do in a year I doubt you could do any better. Wood is an imperfect medium. I have more bad lures on my shop floor than most guys have ever had lures in their tackle bag.
  3. Throw them in the trash. I learned long ago not to sell blems. Guys will line up a mile long to buy them and you won't sell any finished good product.
  4. Or just be like 90% of people out there and don't file for excise while you rip off all your fellow fisherman... IRS doesn't care. Just a few minutes on facebook shows that.
  5. If you can stop kbs from bubbling I bet you'd be a millionaire.
  6. NEW JERSEY I had some put through a spectrometer once about 10 years ago. The company that made it was identified through a database. I know it was NJ, search CAB or the words spelled out you should find it.
  7. Well be pissed off then. The failure of the fishery is INDEED in part to guys do underground sales. WHY? Because here in the US we are required to pay a federal excise tax on sales of fishing components. This gets earmarked for all kind of things, INCLUDING CONSERVATION. Last time I checked that included fish counts, etc etc. ALL of which have a DIRECT bearing on decisions made by fisheries managers.......... Current issues with Striped Bass could have possibly been averted years ago had fisheries managers held accurate information....
  8. But the real issue here is it's a never ending battle. 20 years now here. I feel the cashmo and under tables sales/building/etc is just out of control at this point. It's disgusting and quite frankly I'm tired of it and the lack of IRS enforcement etc dealing with this stuff. If it's affecting my business then take a guess how much it affects even bigger businesses. If you own a lathe, bandsaw and a spray bomb of paint your an instant lure company.
  9. It's not just painting it's the whole business. It's full of people doing cash business. IRS doesn't care. It's disgusting and I been saying it for years. Now there's no more fish left that conservation was supposed to help....funded by Sportfishing excise...cash people in this business have only themselves to blame.
  10. Hows that clearcoat working out
  11. Lets go take a ride....post the address.....A lock in a sock will do wonders to smarten this dirtbag up
  12. It's a Henway..... LOL definite antique Bomber.
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