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  1. I totally understand. I haven’t done it in a long time. I have gotten too lazy.
  2. You can use screw locks. You heat a small drill bit or wire then melt a hole in the end.
  3. I have used Loctite super glue gel for years to keep plastic baits affixed to jig heads. Lately no matter what I do it dries out in a couple of weeks. I have used shrink tubing on larger hooks cut at an angle for keepers but the smallest one I have is too large to shrink tight to the hook. I have gone back to an old way that I used to do bait keepers. Anyone got a simpler method?
  4. Lots of hooks will work if modified like this. A magnetic strip will help hold the hooks.
  5. It would have to be modified like I did mine.
  6. I tried to send you a pm but the site says you can’t get them. If you will pm me your phone number I would like to send you a text.
  7. From the pic it looks like yellow with a few drops of white.
  8. Have you searched the soft plastics cookbook?
  9. The new VMC EWG hooks are all that way.
  10. Thanks. My brain was saying I paid $80 each but it isn’t always spot on.
  11. I have some tube molds that I bought from Bears Baits. I don’t use them anymore and am thinking about selling them. I don’t remember what I paid for them. Do any of you have them and remember what they cost?
  12. When I paint jigs I use a heat gun and count (1001, 1002, etc) for every jig. That keeps me constant. I only get the jig hot enough for a light dull coat of paint, just enough to cover the head. That way I don’t get runs. For a rack to hang jigs on, I took a grill rack from an old cheap grill I had in the camper and cut it down to fit over the top of a baking pan that I bought from Wal Mart. It has 3 rows and can easily handle 2 dozen bass jigs at a time. When baking is done I pull the pan out and set it on the garage floor to cool. I have been using this setup for at least 20 years.
  13. I hold the eye of my jigs with needle nosed pliers or hemostats. When any paint gets in I run a spinnerbait wire through it then bake. I only heat the jig enough to get a dull light coating of paint on it so when paint gets in the eye there isn’t much.
  14. Check out Jungle Jims Jigs.
  15. I used to keep mono leaders on a piece of styrofoam with slits cut in the ends.
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