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  1. Shawn Collins custom molds…maybe. Bob La Londa CNC molds and stuff…maybe.
  2. Ok sounds like problem solved.
  3. Have you called to see when the 120 will be available?
  4. I don’t have the percentages like David but I do use a lot of lead that has antimony in it. It is a lot harder than plumbers lead. I have to run my RCBS heater on 750° to make it work well. I cut the sprues before they get hard. I don’t try to break them off.
  5. I saw a video on this stuff. What do you know about it? It looks like Elaztech
  6. Before I could find good wire harnesses, I used electric fencing wire and made my own. They weren’t super but were inexpensive and worked.
  7. I mixed some yellow and green in my chartreuse. It seems to have helped as it as they aren’t translucent. I’ll add a couple of drops of white and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. I am working on some laminates, green pumpkin/chartreuse and coppertruse. My chartreuse is more or less fading to green. I want it to be brighter but not too sure how to go about it. My chartreuse is translucent. Would a different type be better? Suggestions....
  9. I use flashabou and crystal flash to accent jigs. Maybe one of them is what you want.
  10. It wouldn’t take much to add a couple of vent lines to the upper portion.
  11. If you get to go, take lots of pics.
  12. Research the tax angle and what is required there in your state as well as federal. Those regs and record keeping turned me away from selling.
  13. X2 and forget the tool and bands. Use wire.
  14. I have been happy with Calhoun’s medium for several years.
  15. Looks like it might be. I’m thinking about selling it and couldn’t remember where I bought it or how much it cost.
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