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  1. They don’t work well for me with Elaztech worms.
  2. Super glue gel and it is Tex skinned
  3. Thanks JD. The collar worker flawlessly. It blocks the lead and can be used over and over. This will remove several steps when I am making my standup jigs.
  4. I’m sorry Allen for not making it clear that this is a temporary thing just for a few specialty jigs.
  5. Thanks Ted, however, this is a specialty jig that I need the football head for. I doubt that I will need very many of them.
  6. You may be on to something. It looks like the skirt collar just might work. Thanks
  7. I’m tired of that. I’m using hard lead.
  8. I am wanting to mold my football jigs without the weedguard or bait keeper. I have the weedguard solved but can’t come up with anything that is not messy to stop the lead flow around the hook. Ideas?
  9. Sorry. On their site it didn’t show out of stock. I figured if anyone had one it would be them.
  10. https://www.zeiners.com/doit/do-it_weedless_round_head_jig_mold.html
  11. They come through cover very well and worked well in the rocks. One was unlucky in a laydown and had to stay.
  12. I got your jigs. They are a very interesting concept. If we don’t have storms tomorrow then I will give them a try on Table Rock.
  13. I’ll try a couple and see how they do in MO rocks and man made brush piles. Send me the craw. BTW: Where I fish the life expectancy of a jig is not very many casts and I don’t go into fishy water to unhang a jig, just saying. I’ll pm you my info.
  14. Shawn Collins custom molds…maybe. Bob La Londa CNC molds and stuff…maybe.
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