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  1. Looking for an aluminum 10 cavity injection mold very simular to the Flatworm. Anyone seen one of these listed anywhere?
  2. Sounds like a 14 day per week "JOB" to me. Be prepared to be married to it. If you tackle it, you'll have to hire a couple people to help you out. Can't do it all your self.
  3. I'm thinking that he could use the hitch-hiker to attach to the jig hook. Should be better than running the hook through the bait.
  4. Keep your eye's and mind on task at hand. ALWAYS wear gloves. Safety glasses. Have plenty of room. Don't be cramped into a small space. Keep a bucket of water close in case you get some hot plastic on you.
  5. More times than not, I resemble that remark.
  6. I keep my plastic in 5 gal buckets. Usually buy a 55 gal drum at a time. During the cold months it will settle out and I just take the lid off and use a paint mixer on a drill. Takes a while to get it mixed, but it will mix.
  7. I use a heat gun to warm the top layer of plastic and then pour another layer. A swimbait that has developed an uneven/depression from cooling can be filled in this manner.
  8. I still can't read the classified section
  9. Can you adjust the tail length or is it set for one length?
  10. I recieved a couple samples from BT. Had the 702 and 712 molds already. The 725 looks like a nice match to the 3" Berkley.
  11. Which mold is the closest to the Berkley 3" Chigger Craw? I have the 702 Craw from Basstackle, but it is much larger, and am looking for a close match in size, both in length and flapper.
  12. IBHUFFY1

    Looking for Plano boxes

    Looking for a source for Plano boxes wholesale priced.
  13. Go back and think about the creepy crawlers from the late 60's/early 70's. There were colored plastics in bottles that were squirted in the molds and then cooked. I saw a video a while back with the same concept. Same thing as the Lureworks machine with injection.
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