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  1. Well, here is the scoop for those of you who might be leaning towards a charter business in Florida. 1. First you need a Captain's license from the USCG 2. Then you have to be enrolled in a random drug testing program 3. Your boat has to be registered in Florida and registered as a commercial vessel (this can be done at your courthouse) 4. You will need a "for hire fishing license" and that is priced depending on how many people you will have in your boat. Runs from $210.50 to over $800. (this also can be purchased at your courthouse) 5. Now the good part. if you wish to fish in both state waters (out to 9NM in Florida & Texas, 3 NM all other) and Federal waters, you will need a Reef Fish Permit and a License to fish for highly miagritory species. Neither of these permits/licenses are currently available from the feds. You can, however, get one buy purchasing one from someone who wishes to sell it to you. Latest quote I heard of for a reef permit was $25,000. 6. Although not a state or fed requirement, you will need to look into liabillity insurance for your crew and boat. Figure about a thousand dollars a year for all this (this does not include aquiring your captain's license. That could cost another $1,500 not to mention the work experience required to qualify). Another point to consider is you cannot sell your catch. That is another altogether different spotted dog. You will need a commercial salt water products license for that! I hope this helps a little. I have not made up my mind if I am going to go thru with all the requirements or not. I only fish out to the 9NM limit, so the fed requirements are not an issue.
  2. Good idea Dean. I'll see what I can dig up from that end. To confuse matters even more, I just talked (can't say communicated) to someone from the National Marine Fisheries Service and she said I had to have a reef permit (which is not available anymore) to charter in the Gulf. When I asked her if she met state or federal waters she could not answer and passed me on to someone else. I got their voice mail so I left a message. Itg is a shame when a government agency cannot even answer so simple a question.
  3. The more I dig into this, the murker it becomes. Before I retired from the military I aquired my 6 PAC license in anticipation of doing a little charter fishing. Nothing big, just short trips of 9 NM or less in the Gulf of Mexico and a little scalloping and shelling. I have the Capt license ($1000 + or - a few $), know where to get the random drug testing set up (another $50 a yr) and can obtain the Florida comerical fishing license for those who are on my boat ($201.50 yr for 0-4 pass on my boat). Now I am finding out that I must registure my 18 ft Sundance as a commercial vessel ($50)and that I might need some kind of reef permit (state federal and supposedly not available? I can find no reference). All this to take four fishermen out no futher than 9 nautical miles for a mixed catch or take a family out to pick up a few scallops or just walk on the beach and collect shells! Does anyone here know what is REALLY required for a small business like I want to operate? Heck, I can't find out who I am really dealing with, state or federal and all inclusive what is required. No good asking a game warden most of them don't even fully understand the recreational codes they try to enforce. Thanks, in advance, Mike
  4. I have been wondering about this also. I use Florocarbon leaders when fishing for snapper and such, but was considering spooling up with floro all the way. Thought maybe the less stretch the better when fishing depts of 60 to 100 feet. You can really get a headache trying to figure all this out!
  5. Gary, it depends on what you expect from the "free" site. If all you are looking for is someplace to expiriment and you don't mind the banner adds that appear at the top of the page, you can't beat www.freewebs.com . You get up to 7 pages plus your home page. Comes complete with site building templates and you can put lots of photos on the pages. All you have to do is visit the site at least once every 45 days. Might be what you need and might not. Go see.
  6. I am having trouble getting a new Tempo electric fuel sender and gauge kit to read properly on my boat. This is the second kit I have tried to install on my 22 foot Grady White and I am somewhat perplexed. To start with let me say that I am proficient with all the tools required for this installation plus a few testing tools not normally required. Here is the problem: Afte the sending unit has been set up per instructions provided, the unit will not read empty, everything in between and full. It will only real full to 1/2 or a little more. I have tested this unit and the previous one out of the gas tank. All connecdtions are secure and I know I have a good ground. The first unit did read a full range for a brief while, but would not function in the tank. It finally gave up and quit completely. I returned it for this one, and now I can't get it to read properly out of the tank. I have replaced units in airplanes and did not have this kind of a problem. Is it the Tempo unit or me?
  7. When I was making a lot of poppers, I just dipped them a few times in the pint of my choice the cleaned out the eye and those few I made that had rubber legs, just drilled and inserted the legs after the paint. I never went into much detail with the paint, maybe two colors. Found out the fish did not seem to care how much time and pains I took to impress them.
  8. Sloegoe, I hope this is what you intended, as I don't wish to hijack your thread: Last year myself and three friends were fishing 10 miles off the Florida panhandle in 60 feet of water. We had been catching a few rather large Spanish mackerel when one of the more inexperienced guys hooked a real big one. The fish made a run and the line somehow caught his finger, and he lost control of the rod and reel. This just happened to be my favorite Penn 4500 and I got the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I watched the outfit disappear out of site leaving nothing but a trail of bubbles. I gave that rig up for lost and even though I felt bad about it, got back to fishing. The bite was still going strong an hour or so later when someone hooked what they thought was a very large fish. As they worked the fish to the boat, it looked like they had snagged one of the other lines being fished. I boated the fish, freed the snagged line, started to let it go, but something told me to see who?s line it was first. I pulled up one end of the line and discovered my lost Penn 4500 outfit attached. I retrieved the other end to find the fish still hooked. What?s the chances of that happening? I fished the same area with the outfit today, and it is still my favorite!
  9. PDF Tutorial Attached Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf Powdercoating 101.pdf
  10. I have always used an external antenna on a GPS, both for aviation and boating. Now I see a lot of marine GPS's advertised with an internal antenna. Do they receive as well as an external one.
  11. I have had the same problem with my 3D eyes. It seemed that some colors, the flourscent red ones for instance, were worse. They would literally slide off the jig. I send about a 1000 back to the company one time. They replaced them, but said the problem was on my end, not on theirs. Now I coat the whole jig, or at least the eye area with Devcon or something similar.
  12. cavu


    Ebay always charges a "listing fee" for every item placed for auction. The amount charged depends on how much you start the auction off for. This amount is not refundable. Mojo might be right about the "second time free" thing. I have never checked in on that. Usually I start my stuff off at a dollar or less and don't worry about the second time. They will hit you again when you sell the item, and if you use PayPal, you will get nailed again. Make sure you figure all this in the equation.
  13. cavu

    Fishing Soap

    Anyone use fishing soap? Either to clean fish off your hads or to remove scent? What about soap for catfish bait?
  14. 19 foot Sundance center console and 22 foot Grady White cuddy for salt water. Jon boat for the flyrod and ponds.
  15. cavu

    Auction Pics

    Big Splash I just bid on one of your mullet molds. Would have bid on the one that ends first, but I am leaving for Florida for a few days and wanted to be here when the auction ends. sometime my dial up service in Florida is too slow to fool with. Am I the first to bid on something or what?
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