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  1. Thanks, I saw that one and I was hoping to find the mold that had the scales but I can get around that. I like the idea of having that roller swivel built in. What size roller swivel do you think the jiggy twitch uses?
  2. This may be in the wrong section, please advise if so. I am looking for a jigging spoon mold to duplicate "jiggy twitch it HD spoon" sold at bass pro/Cabelas. 2 5/8 in length and 1 oz. any help would be appreciated.
  3. Big thanks to u guys and this site again. between the search and a few simple questions and answers, I poured my first soft plastic. One lesson learned and dumb on my part...... shake the color well before adding ...... I am very happy with the hardness of the plastic even with salt and glitter added. The test will be on the water to see how well they hold up to a hook. Again, thanks for the help!! I am sure I will have more question in the future lol
  4. that you stick in the plastic? or is that a thermal? thanks Mark
  5. Pretty basic bait... just a #11 frog for jig trailer. black, brown, maybe green pumpkin but all solid colors with salt and a little glitter. What are you using to take the temp of the plastic??
  6. sorry to have to ask but I searched and can't find a thread. I will be using 4 ounces of plastic and need some starting points. How long do I need to microwave? how many drops of color? how much salt ? is the color and salt added before or after heating? Thanks in advance for getting me headed in the right direction. Tally
  7. Huge thanks to Musky Glenn...... I appreciate the the tip. They had what I needed and an oldie but goodie reel is back in action!!
  8. I need a few parts for a Calcutta 200 reel. Everything from the friction washer out including the handle. It would be a total of 5 parts. I would even be interested in buying the entire reel (old one that doesn't work) even if it is past repair. I have called Shimano and none of there repair outlets have the handle. OR..... if someone knows of an aftermarket handle that will fit a Calcutta. Thanks in advance
  9. yes that is the same classic bait without his name. The make a twist instead of the "R" to keep them them from breaking. But that video is a completely different bait
  10. That spinnerbait in Hank Parker's video looks like the one Blades was making. I know Blades and Parker are friends and have fished together and Blades was looking for him to endorse that spinnerbait. Maybe Blades will see this and chime in. As far as the "classic", I think that wire was an .028. I make a spinnerbait on .028 and the vibration is incredible and it is a fish catching machine! There is a down side to light wire: Every fish will tear up the lure and need to be re-formed by hand or put a small bender in ur boat. Eventually the vibration will cause the "R" bend to break. Most store bought spinnerbaits are on .035 so they don't bend or break....... but light wire catches more fish!!
  11. you will have to get a few jars to fill this up but this is how i powder coat spinnerbaits. I would use a fluid bed (home made) but I can't get the paint to flow right.
  12. GREAT thread!!! this has given me some awesome ideas Tally
  13. hey.... I have no problem with a thread going in different directions..... I might learn something...... retaining is a different story lol
  14. what size link are you using? is this what you are using? https://barlowstackle.com/Connector-Links-P835/ you filed the mold because the 5/0 hook shaft was to big?? can you share a picture of how this looks in the mold? thanks.... good info
  15. that looks nice and you are lucky but I doubt their patent goes outside the U.S....... when you open the eye, did you have to modify the mold a bit to except the hook eye? just trying to beat the trial and error lol
  16. yes I am not interested in having a weed guard. Which blades out there are the best that are available?
  17. wow.... do they have a patent on the blade as well?
  18. thanks for that video..... very interesting and informative. I see now why they protect it..... because they can lol
  19. mmmmm that looks good.... wonder if it will be available with the flat eye hook
  20. Perfect.... it will take a 5/0 Gama hook!! do you use the wire bait keepers in that mold?? Not a big deal as a drop of super glue will do
  21. woohoo... that is why this site is good. I had eliminated the flat eye from my thoughts because of direct connect. Thanks!!!! I believe I am on the right track now without getting in trouble lol.
  22. I assume if I use split rings, it takes 2? has anyone tried a ball bearing swivel like used on spinnerbaits? Pros or cons??
  23. well ok..... then let's just ask what mold makes the best head with recessed eyes.... have no intent to get into a losing battle lol.......3/8 and 1/2 ounce
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