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  1. Zeiner's is #1 in my books also! I ordered some new molds and ordered the wrong one and Jim had no problem sending me out the right mold and trusted me to send back the other one. Great service, QUICK shipping, and CHEAP! Greg
  2. walleye4

    3 Do-It Jig molds

    I have 3 molds that I just don't use anymore and they need new homes. Shipping will be $5.50 per mold if sold individually. I will combine shipping on multiple molds. Erie Jig - EHB-6-A - Have poured less than 200 jigs from this mold. $25.00 Roundhead w/barbed collar - RHB-8-1632 - Pours 4 each of 1/32 and 1/16oz. $20.00 Roundhead w/barbed collar - RHB-8-48 - Pours 4 each of 1/8 and 1/4oz. $20.00 - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Have pics I can PM if your interested. Thanks, Greg
  3. Where is everyone getting 3D eyes for jigs. I have been getting some from Predator but he only has 1 color smaller than size 3. I like his prices, does anyone know anywhere else I can find similar prices with a variety of colors smaller than size 3? Thanks,
  4. I got one of the Badger airbrushes for powder and am having a hard time of keeping over-spray from hitting my jigs where I don't want it. I have tried the shop vac in a box and I have tried turning my compressor down as low as it will go and still can't figure it out! That is one AWESOME paint scheme though! Hope I can get some to look that nice!
  5. I use the liquid clear coat from Component Systems for my jigs. I paint the eyes on then after they dry, I dip in the clear and let it cure for a couple days. And yes, a couple dots of flammable paint on 500 jigs will go Boom! Had a buddy that blew up his garage cause of this! I store the laquer paint I use for my eyes in the house during the winter, just got to keep it away from the kids and any flames.
  6. You don't want to be heating up your eye paint unless you like big BOOMS! Use a good clear protective coat and they they will be preotected pretty good. Hope this saves you some headache!
  7. I recently purchased a Airbrush that shoots powder. I got this from TJ's Tackle and I'm having a hard time doing multi-color jig patterns. I am getting alot of over-spray or dust that sticks where it isn't suppose to. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cure this? Do I need to get some different tips for the brush? Where can I buy tips? Thanks in advance,
  8. I made a homemade spoon from a blank DO-it mold. Problem I am having is that I can't get the lead to fill in around the forms very good. I am getting the mold plenty hot, what is causing this? ONly thing I can think of is that I drilled out the sprue holes too close to the top of the mold and the lead is hitting the form. Any ideas? Thanks,
  9. Ok........I got my prototype spoon made and want to make a mold that will look identical. I have tried the Do-It blank mold and can't seem to get it the way I want it. I know some people use plaster, etc to make molds and would like some info on how to do this. What are the porducts out there that I can use to make me a 2-part mold out of. Thanks,
  10. I'm using a torch right now. I can cure about 100+ jigs at a time on the rack I have now and always end up with 1/2 dozen or so with nipples! I am starting to wonder what I got myself into!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I am having problems with getting nipples on jigs when I cure them. Can someone please help me? I am using a Fluid Bed, am I not fluffing the paint enough? After heating the jig, I dip it in the paint pretty quick. I am starting to get to much waste and would greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thanks,
  12. A plugger looks basically like a solid pc of rubber about 1/8" long with a hole going down the center. I would take a pic of one but you wouldn't really be able to tell what it was cause of the paint that is baked on it now. They are for putting over hook eyes to keep paint out of them. I just jammed a pick thru the hole to expand it to fit over a swivel. They really work well if I could only figure out what the material is so I could make some. I would certainly like to try some high temp tape! Where can I find it at? Menards or Walmart? Thanks,
  13. I make some jigs that have swivels for adding blades and I need advice on what to use that I can put over the swivel to keep it from getting painted. I have some samples of this product called Pluggers that I got years ago and they work pretty good but I only have 3 of them. I tried calling the # for the Pluggers but got a Dr's office. Has anyone else heard of these? Did the company go out of business? I powder paint, is there anything else I could use to keep paint off the swivel? I am starting to get tired of breaking the swivel off when I try to break the swivel free. Thanks, Greg
  14. After I dip my jigs in the paint, I use a toothpick and stick it in the eyelet to remove the paint. Works great and I average 3-5 jigs per 100 that will fill back in when curing.
  15. walleye4

    bucktail ?

    What can I use to dye my own bucktails? Got access to a ton of fresh tails and want to dye them myself. Thanks,
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