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  1. i am looking for any one within 100 miles or so of the twin cites that makes spin casting molds? prefer 9" molds but i can go bigger. let me know if you make them and a ball park price range. items are of simple nature. thanks, monty
  2. heres a place with good suggestions. hope this helps ya out. http://luremaking.com/catalogue/download/canguide-web.pdf monty:yay:
  3. I BELONG TO PETA!!! people eating tasty animals!!! just like the man above had intended with all his creatures just my 2cents monty
  4. i could of swore i saw where it said cant ship to the states, i must of saw sit somewhere else or something, My bad!. sorry folks Monty
  5. i think it will work fine but they cant ship it to the states Monty
  6. what type of wood do you like to use or see used for those musky surface baits and cranks? oak, cedar, poplar, white pine, etc? thanks Monty
  7. red, white, black, yellow either strips, or bands and possible 7" to 8" or even 1 lb. rolls i wish you the best in luck, i love an underdog making it Monty
  8. cool baits! i was looking more for shape of the lure patterns that i could tweak a little like the magic maker by peter mania. but thank you to all! this site rocks Monty
  9. has anyone ever used Kilz epoxy sealer to seal their wood baits? i am a contractor and that stuff seals in anything, smoke damage, cleaned up mold "once covered the mold never grows back", water damage, prevent wood from dry rot. i know it has a not so good smell but it comes in white which is a good base coat. just snooping to see who has tried it. Monty
  10. cool thank you!!! that's the one i seen a few years ago but could not remember its name. Monty
  11. is there any good web sites out there that gives patterns to musky and pike lures? thanks, Monty
  12. here a handy dandy page with knots for fishing, and some other useful things http://www.leadertec.com/tips_index2.html Monty
  13. here's a neat site, will convert anything to anything and then some. great tool to find out how many cups to ounces, grins to ounces, feet to meters, Blood-Alcohol Content , etc. www.onlineconversion.com Monty
  14. thank you that's a great site. learned alot about leaders!!!! i will be making me some musky and pike leaders soon!!! Monty
  15. Monty

    creeper wings?

    cool thank you very much!!! Monty
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