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  1. I have been using an epoxy for a topcoat, but it has been finishing slightly sticky. The only thing that I can think of is it hasn't dried enough. The recipe on the bottle says mix for two minutes and pour equal amounts from each bottle. I have followed the directions, but the lures are still sticky. The only 2 things I can think of is I am putting too much product on the lures or I am not letting it dry long enough. Any suggestions or comments. Thanks.
  2. I cut my used plastic into small pieces and melt them on a hotplate, very slowly. It can smell quite a bit, so I would have very good ventilation. I melt down a lot of used plastic and donate them to the kids fishing derbys. The kids love them. Depending on the color, I sometimes use them as well. I do not sell lures that I have made from used plastic. If you grab a lot of different colors, the final color usually comes out grey. At that point I add different liquid colors and glitters, and they come out pretty nice.
  3. I have had several people contact me about ordering anywhere from 1000 pieces to 5000 pieces. They ask how much it would be and when you tell them, they say that they will pay via credit card. I tell them that I only accept paypal. I ask for their names and addresses, but never receive them Once I do not receive an email after asking these questions, I ignore anymore from that same address. Everyone that has contact has a return email address @ hotmail.com is very suspicious to me anyway. I have one customer in England and I was very suspicious until I sent him a bill thru paypal and he paid it. Then I asked for an address to send these bait to and checked it out. Luckily, he was legitimate and I never had a problem since. Whenever I get an order for more than 1000 pieces, I am very suspicious and ask a lot of questions.
  4. I have two Bears injector molds(3 1/2" Tube and 5 1/4" Stick Worm) for sale. I also have a two color injector, good for making laminates. I am asking $200 for the lot. If interested, send me a PM. This equipment was only used twice and are in excellent shape.
  5. Are you sure that you caught those fish, or did your Dad catch them!!

  6. Well guys, I appreciate all the input on the RI lure. I have to say that I made a few in the past for my personal use, and never caught a fish on them. I sent them a certified letter stating that I would take their lure off my website and would not use the name in writing. I am a one man,part time business and I do not need the hassle. They want their bait they can have it. Look for the 2 molds I have. They will be on ebay in a few days. Again, thanks for the input. Bob www.bandlures.com
  7. I just received an email from a laywer, stating that I was infringing on their clients rights by naming a lure that their client has a patent on. I had no idea that it was an infringement. No problem, the name was changed. But, I just wanted to pass this along to all. The name that was used by their client was Sweet Beaver. I was using Sweet Bee Grub. To avoid any hassles, I changed the name to Ribbed Flippin' Grub. No harm, no foul, I hope!!
  8. Checkout www.uline.com. They have every bag you can think of. Bob
  9. I use a small gravy pot that teflon coated. Also, you can seal your molds with Mod Podge. Use the glossy one. You can get it atyour local craft store. Happy pouring.
  10. When I first started making lures it was just for myself. I did that for about three years, saving myself a lot of money that I would have spent buying lures. The money I saved, I put in my mattress and when I got enough, I started my own business. I did not make a whole lot of money right away. It took me quite a few years to build up my clients. I am retired right now and I run a part time business. If I put a lot of time into it, I suppose I could support my family. I am happy doing it part time. My biggest client is a bait and tackle store in the country of England and I gave him the exclusive on selling my lures in that country. Also, I have a few local bait and tackle stores that I sell my baits in. Plus, I sell a lot to the guys I fish tournament with. All this keeps me busy enough. Since I am retired, my wife and I like to do some of the things that we like to do. The more time you put into it, the more money you can make. I don't like charging taxes, but unfortunately, it is the law. Lets not get into the govt thing, I might be writing all night. If you can get a few investors interested in your store and products, it will be a lot easier. To answer your question, it can be done if you really want to and enjoy doing it. There are millions of fishermen out there and they have to buy fishing supplies. Like I said, I only do it part time, but I enjoy making lures, selling them, and listening to fishermen telling their stories about catching those big fish on lures that you made. Good Luck in whatever your decision is. Bob B & D Lures www.bandlures.com
  11. Does anyone have a recipe for Arkansas Shiner and Alewife? I would appreciate any help. Thank you
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