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  1. Is it still useable? If so, and you’re near Nashua NH, it’s yours, free.
  2. Very Nice Job! That's a pretty bait.
  3. Husky

    Pointer 78 Spot

  4. Husky

    Original Photo finish

    Look what you did! Nice Idea!
  5. Husky

    Lake X Shad

    Love seeing your work.. Mike P
  6. Thanks for the shout out. I was just happy to contribute.
  7. Try laying on a thin layer of epoxy. 5 Min or D2T. Cover your finger with a finger from rubber gloves to apply it. Lay the photo on the lure and position it. Bullet Proof. Just my
  8. I'm happy that it worked well for you. Looking forward to seeing the pics. 1/2 round doesn't mean you can't get nearly full round, btw. Unlike POP, undercuts arent a problem. MP
  9. Just an update on the silicone. Walmart has their own silicone at $3. Ace Hardware has theirs for $4.50. Both work well.
  10. Try spray gluing the tissue to thin aluminum foil. Make 8 x 10 sheets and tape then so they can run through the printer. I had a tutorial on here somewhere.
  11. Here is an old thread that might help. I found the best way adding water is to use a spray bottle. Spay, stir,spray stir, spray, stir gets a real nice blending. http://www.tackleund... silicone mold
  12. Look up DASCAR (Resins) on Ebay. 2 gal, 14 lb size RP 40. Great product, great price.
  13. Shopmaninc.com US composites has them...
  14. Husky

    Realistic Bluegill

    Hey Gene, It's you that got me started on photo finishing to begin with. That's a good looking bait, there!
  15. While I can't say with certainty, It could well be Photo (tissue paper) on foil and finished with an airbrush. The foil seems be applied over mesh, ala Fatfingers technique. Whatever method the builder used, it came out great. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/12000-photo-finishing-foil-and-faux-finishes/
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