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  1. Anyone know whos craw mold has the a similar action to a rage craw? I could make a pop mold but not that into pop molds
  2. I don't have and cant afford a old one of these baits. Can somebody give me a clue of to what color those sides are. redish brown? pinkish brown?The back in pics looks to be green as well as stripes
  3. Anyone seen any solid chrome bodies for sale? I want to paint some but cant locate. I have seen the halo ones but not chrome.
  4. I am going to make a pop mold for the 2,3, and 3.5 inch spider bodies. I am not real sure about the tenicles at the head. If someone else has done this let me know please.
  5. wondering if anyone making a mold like this? I thought of making a pop mold but not sure those rings would come out.
  6. Is there a coupon code for bears for tu members?
  7. I am going to buy a new mold that will inject more than 4 baits at a time. I am thinking ten or twelve. Just looking for hints on whos mold and how many baits a a time you folks have had luck with.
  8. I have some butt rings but need to find some way of welding of sodering them
  9. I am wanting to make jika rig , this has two rings and a weight attached to hook
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