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  1. oh how I hate this news! travel well my friend!
  2. KcDano


    My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend! Hang in there Buddy!
  3. At one time Heddon used embossing powder to stencil their name on the bottom of baits. I think it would be possible to emboss other details such as the aforementioned.
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    Thanks for posting, Gene
  5. The slower drying thinner/reducer will slow the evaporation of the solvent, rapid evaporation is what cause condensation to form on the surface or trapped in the finish. Retarder or a high temperature thinner/reducer or solvent will stop the problem.
  6. Seems like a bait builder in Clinton, Mo. explained this technique to me once. I think he mentioned "palmering".
  7. Good to hear that there will be another meet! Might be able to make it down one day to say hello!
  8. Happy Birthday Nathan!
  9. Hi Pete, Dave and all parties concerned. Doesn't look like any meet is in the works, so maybe next year!
  10. Hello Gene and a belated congratulations on reaching retirement. I know you will enjoy it!
  11. Hi Coley! How is the sauger bite this year? Hope we can manage a meet somewhere this year. I always look forward to seeing and visiting with everybody!
  12. Just as the name implies: intercoat- use finish clear on top of it. Gives you time to complete artwork multi-color basecoat when it can't be completed in the window of time that ensures proper adhesion between basecoat and clearcoat
  13. Belated Happy Birthday! to you Pete.
  14. Although belated, Happy Bday Dave!
  15. Nice design, however, I am somewhat disappointed that there is no Vortex Airflow Enhancer incorporated.
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    Nice baits Dino
  17. KcDano

    Tu Get Together

    Another great time in Clinton! Nathan & Deb your hospitality is second to none and the eats are always grand! Thank You! So good to see everyone again and visit with. Some new faces this year Tim & Steve hope you make it back next year! Ran off with a new hat & t-shirt. Thanks to Jerry and his wife, she did another fine job with the shirts and hats. The live feed was a great idea! Yes, a fundraiser of some sort should be organized. On the days the weather allows us to fish we could sponsor a TU Bass Tourney in which the proceeds go to cover some of the cost. With the addition of the live feed we could possibly auction a few baits also. Thanks to all that made it a memorable experience and hope to see you there next year. Regards, KcDano
  18. Pete, this should direct you to the archived videos http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tutest
  19. Modeling enamel will work fine for fishing lures you can thin it with lacquer thinner which will allow it to dry much faster and spray easier. Be mindfull of the hazards associated with use of solvent base paints and take the neccesary precautions: respirator and adequate ventillation are essential!
  20. Angus, If you performed the following respectively: "were scuffed, cleaned and degreased " You might try degreasing first before sanding on some occasions you can drive a contaminant into the substrate surface by sanding or scuffing which will have detrimental impact on the finish, such as you have experienced. I would simply try it without the adhesion promotor and see if the problem arises again and go from there.
  21. Did you scuff the plastic before painting? I never use adhesion promotor on plastic baits, knock the shine off the plastic with scotch brite pad or sand with 400 grit, never a problem as you have experienced. I use automotive basecoat / urethane clearcoat.
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