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  1. Thanks for the replies. Here is how I ended up painting it. Platinum metallic createx auto air base, Tamiya chrome silver scales using small mesh on the shoulders, Tamiya olive green hard on the back and fading into the Tamiya silver, Createx Wicked fastback green lightly sprayed over the Tamiya on the back and light on the green fade for the metallic. Used Tamiya clear yellow on the chest, bringing it up a little onto the sides. It looks good enough and will be a nice finesse color. Easy to paint. Close to a foiled bait I use already, but I don't have to foil. Probably add a little
  2. I've heard of guys using the Do-it mold screwlock shakey head minus the hook. Screw into the head of the worm. Should work.
  3. Anyone have a color (paint brand and color) they can recommend to get a green like the Rapala Green Gizzard Shad. It's a metallic green. A new Rapala color.
  4. 100% tin worked. 15 grams. Close enough. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Check ebay. I bought some .029 wire there and bent my own forms with a little blue bender tool. Easy to do with the tool. Just realized you wanted twisted, so that tool won't work for that. It's an R bend. I have never seen pre-made forms in this light of wire.
  6. I have some tin on the way. $25 for one pound on Amazon.
  7. Yes, the vertical eye is the wire I have bent that is attached to the spinnerbait hook and blade, and the horizontal eye is a hook eye Imakatsu has in the head they run the wire through. My mold left the impression of the hook eye, but it is now lead. I have no idea where they got a hook like that, unless it is a piece of a hook with an eye they put in the mold to run the wire through. I could melt the bait and see, but I'd have to get another master. I have a friend that is a well known jig maker and he does a grass jig with a salmon hook (the best grass jig ever in my opinion) and a piec
  8. It is hard for me to tell what they used as far as lead hardness as the original has what I am guessing is a plated finish. Like a chrome plating. Never had any luck with a do-it-yourself chrome. I am not going to remove it, as I still want to fish this bait, and didn't when I made the mold. Gut feeling is it does seems harder than lead. Thanks for your help. I am going to order some tin ingots and give it a try with that. I will post up a final when I get one done. I cleared the 3/4 ounce heads last night with about 50 crankbaits I had on the rack and they look pretty good. I w
  9. Wonder if I would get a more exact replica with a high temp silicone. And, use some tin mixed in with the lead. The Japanese bait manufacturers make some interesting stuff. This is one that really works well if you can find them.
  10. Another view from the other side of the replica (left) and original. The hole is where they must use a weedguard for another bait, as this one doesn't come with a weedguard. Also the wire for the blade on the original comes through the eye of a hook. You can see that in the photo up top. I used a 5/0 Mustad black nickel spinnerbait hook and brought the blade wire to the front through the nose. The lead filled the area where the hook eye was in the original, so it appears as if I have a hook eye in there also, but it is just lead. I have no idea if their hook comes all the way the front ou
  11. Here are the measurements in mm. The replica is definitely larger dimensionally, but I wouldn't think enough to increase the weight by 9 grams. The neck is the where the throat meets the head (where skirt is tied) and where it meets the hook.
  12. I found tin for sale on ebay. I wouldn't need a lot as I am not going to be making a lot of these. Any ideas on what ratio tin to lead I should try? I have never used anything but lead. Here is the original and replica side-by-side. There is less than 1 mm difference in height, width and length.
  13. I made a Durhams Water Putty mold of an Imakatsu Mogulla Moth Monster chatterbait. These baits are hard to find and expensive, but a chatterbait that really hunts and it catches them. I haven't seen any 1/2 ounce for sale in a while. I have one in my possession, so used it as my master. The original was 13 grams (about 1/2 ounce). The mold and castings came out as good as can be expected for a water putty mold. However the replica is 22 grams (about 3/4 ounce), considerably heavier than the original. No biggie as I can use a 3/4 ounce version, but for shallow stuff a 1/2 ounce is what I
  14. Did this spinnerbait ever come out? I see the Hank Parker spinnerbait from Manns on Tackle Warehouse, but not sure if it is the same bladesandbaits designed bait. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Manns_Hank_Parker_Classic_Colorado_Indiana_Spinnerbait/descpage-MCL.html
  15. Mags

    Flash Mob

    Think I just found them. http://www.barlowstackle.com/Leader-Sleeves-P930.aspx
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