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  1. Scroll saw blades have thin kerf based on the use to cut intricate patterns. With some practice should be able to make two passes and not be too wide. A spiral tooth blade will likely get the closest to the width you are looking for. Something like an Olson SP467 (.051 inch kerf). Can also buy sanding "blades" to clean up the kerf. I don't use my scroll saw very often as don't find it very useful compared to my bandsaws for lure making. Others may know a better blade set up.
  2. Humidity is your enemy. You simply have to store it under dry conditions. Anticaking agents are added as they combat and slow down the rate at which the NaCl and will absorb water, liquify at the surface and recrystallize during the process of aggregation. You can try the old restaurant method used in table top salt shakers and keep the salt sealed in a container with rice. Dump the salt in small cloth bag and tie and keep with your salt. Can also use charcoal (used by some transportation departments to help avoid/reduce salt clumping but messy for our application) or other commerc
  3. Travis


    I don't ever recalling seeing unpainted "finished" balsa lures to paint. If you don't want glue lips and ties in then buying a finished lure and repainting about the only option. Balsa blanks are readily available through various vendors.
  4. Same experiences when cutting baits open. I want my lures to last but think of lures being more of a consumable product. If wanting to build something more bulletproof then I jump to 2 part polyurethane foams as water intrusion is no longer and issue and can still get a very "lively" bait. I really never have had many issues with balsa but don't build near the baits I do with basswood and no where in numbers as I used to do. D-Baits.... brings back some good memories.
  5. Lets be very clear...their is nothing to argue about as the hunting lure action was defined as a certain action way before many on the site made lures. Many simply have incorporated glide bait and swimbait action/concepts into cranks. Still effective and fish catchers. I just won't pass them off as hunting baits.
  6. Are many of todays hunting cranks really hunters based on the lures that everyone was searching for from custom lure builders in the Carolinas and some areas of TN, 30 plus years ago .
  7. Or they go to very specialized people outside their company to do their work.....
  8. One of those bait styles that I wouldn't even want to mess with injecting. Just too easy to pour, too easy to make molds, too easy make lots of molds, and laminates a breeze (even triple or more pours). For molds Basstackle used to carry several similar and small "hammer" styles. Angling A.I. had some also (inject and open pour). Sure others just never looked too closely.
  9. Honestly if you start to look around you can find sources. Simply a lot of people now have the capability in skill set and tooling to do this sort of work. I had molds made probably 12 plus years ago for free and much more common now. Local high schools, tech schools, colleges and universities, Maker's clubs then of course plenty of businesses. Guys have set ups in their garage or shops and will do stuff for very reasonable or trade services for product potentially. Can find some designs on etsy, thinguniverse, etc. Many of these individuals will also design you something.
  10. Blue pearl salt and pepper may be a good place to start. Customers...
  11. I have always epoxied before spraying over foil.
  12. I wouldn't worry to much about what size to be honest. Easy enough to pay for a new mold with the proceeds from the first. If you have a customers to sell to.
  13. Sort of a throw back I guess by todays standards. Hand poured laminate drop shot worm. Rootbeer with black flake followed by a dark watermelon seed with blue highlight. Pour hot and pour fast to melt/blend to avoid and cold cracks and delamination.
  14. Sinking swimbait. Three sections weighted to fall horizontal at just under a foot a second. I broke down and used PVC for this one and carved some basic anatomy. Designed a slight upcurve from the nose to operculum to create some minor lift on retrieve to help control bait for working over deeper weed beds. Used a lot of mica powders to get some chromatic changes. The blue, rose, pinks are mica dry brushed and rubbed over gray and metallic silver. Orange, brown, golds of the throat are mica powders also and for good measure rubbed in some green along the dorsal.
  15. I think for many they simply don't worry to much about this stuff and think as whole the lure building community has moved on to other platforms. Would imagine there will be a few more entries before the deadline. If not just increases your odds of winning if you participated.
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