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  1. I can think of a few reasons. 1. Many don't have much experience with them. I have several older Nicholson, half dozen Iwasaki, and a few riffler (budget) sets but enjoy woodworking. 2. Power tools are used in their place. An oscillating spindle/belt sander combo makes quick work for many or dremels. I turned a spindle with proper cove dimensions on my lathe for several balsa cranks I was making and then glued sandpaper. Could go from rough out to finished blank very fast that way with balsa. 3. For most bass cranks or topwater baits the size makes them sort of less ideal but still doable. 4. Youtube... so many build a bait however "Guru X" makes a bait.
  2. Cut lip slot, drill all holes with the blank square. How I basically approach it,
  3. Liquid glass is a brand of epoxy. They may 2:1 and 1:1 component products.
  4. Bottom line you have to keep it under dry conditions. Displace head space with bloxegen for example, tap the can method, open and transfer in low humidity environments, storing unused portion in dry condition, etc... https://www.kbs-coatings.com/kbs-paint-saver.html I haven't used in KBS in some time but when I did I have the ability to open and transfer contents in very dry conditions at work. While not feasible for guys at home you can still work in a small room (laundry room) and run a dehumidifier and probably get down to 15% RH or so.
  5. I didn't say your company was failing... I said I would want to see books on any business as most you don't want to take on a failing company especially something as fickle as lure making. Business definition varies considerably on this site depending on the guy/gal. Guys selling 500 bucks a month calling it a business and then guys pushing legit volume and money and walking away from real jobs with benefits. Just my experiences with regards to molds, inventory, and small bait companies on KY/Barkley lake area.. over the years. Most of my experience was when there was a lot less competition in the early 1990's to 2000 can only assume it has gotten worse. Maybe someone else will chime in there have been several on here with lure companies or businesses or contact you privately.
  6. Travis

    molds to oz

    The good news an open pour swimbait mold is about as easy as they get and can be done quickly and cheaply.
  7. I honestly think you will be hard pressed to find someone willing to buy all. 1. The name? I don't fish near what I used to but don't think it is a selling point. Outside of this forum never heard of the company. Not many are going to be and won't add anything to the sell. Mom and pop bait companies come and go. 2. Molds? Are only worth something if they a good. If you have a bunch of strange things that won't sell the are nothing but scrap. 3. Inventory... see molds.. but typically have to give it away. Been to too many tackle shows were some guy thought he would start a lure business and is selling things for a huge loss and still can't move product. 4. Injection machinery is the only value along with maybe unused supplies. All will have to be priced right in order to move. Local guy/gal your best bet and you should have very detailed business related records. Are there agreements in place with tackle stores, will those transfer and continue? Bottom line I would want to see your revenue stream and know if it is something of value. Absolutely nothing to gain to take a failing lure company and try and make it successful. Usually the damage is done at that point.
  8. I doubt you are alone in your thoughts. Breaking down sheet goods isn't an issue and even smaller rectangular blanks using a cross cut sled would be very straight forward process that anyone with average table saw skills wouldn't blink an eye at doing. Anything past that and I wouldn't advise anyone to attempt to cut out something like a crank bait lip on a table saw without some very specific set ups involving sleds, hold downs, etc.. Frankly posts like that make me cringe as skill sets vary considerable. There are several that will come across this post and not really put much thought into it. They have a table saw and read you can cup lips for lures on a lure making site so off they go with to cut out small rounded lips for their cranks. For many not real familiar with a table saw they can get into trouble very quickly. I don't like things to be overly moderated and find most "safety" things way over the top but honestly a post that should have been removed without some very specific details on how to proceed safely.
  9. Travis


    I guess I didn't take it as all that serious. Didn't impact the performance of the site or make it difficult to find new topics. The site isn't exactly a hot bed of activity.
  10. Travis


    I always preferred polyurethane foams over resins and micro balloons. Typically 16 lb density but did do quite a few baits with lower density material.
  11. Looking pretty good. I haven't printed any additional lures but been designing odds and ends. Sure gets easier the more you mess with the software but still find myself watching a videos too often.
  12. Not sure who makes them but I think you are failing to appreciate the shear volume of product Wal Mart and similar stores move. Not many companies that aren't going to cut a deal to get that contract as simply they will never see those sells through mom and pop stores. Even large companies will meet the price to get into the stores (becoming less important however).
  13. Never really had issues with lego method either... except for different application. You can take an aluminum mold for soft plastic bait and build your lego wall around the mold and leave around 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap. Heat hot plastic and pour over to make a soft plastic mold of the aluminum mold. You can then pour plaster of paris or Durhams into the soft plastic mold and make a copy of the aluminum mold. I have had hot plastic leak through the lego mold box twice over the years.
  14. What is the mold made of? POP, Durhams, etc... you can carefully drill rounded indentions into the perimeter face. Nothing vertical just create 1/2 circles and the mold halves will easily mate without issues. Often a mold will register with no alignment pens depending on how you make them. If RTV I would make the equivalent of a cork borer. Take a piece of hollow metal tubing and place in your drill press. Take a file and ease the edge to sharpen it. Then you can carefully remove a circular plug from the mold and insert pins. Can also just cut wedges from the perimeter of the finished half and then mold the second half.
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