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  1. Make sure you are using soft/clean lead....
  2. LedHed

    Bad Marabou

    Should've sent it back or took it back to where you got it.
  3. Probably have 6 or 7 hundred molds in my collection. I look primarily for Paul Ament molds. My custom molds are for ultra light jigs. Cast iron reading molds - depending on condition - still get a fair price. There are some catalogs for old molds posted on JC.C
  4. Congrats on the room . You should get a large aluminum cookie sheet to put under your pot for a drip pan. Very fortunate - you got off cheap.
  5. holy grail is a Do-it with no handles.... I have documented 5 manufacturing sites; Denver, Iowa Denver, Iowa 50622 501North State Denver, Iowa 3136 Logan Ave., Waterloo, Iowa 3624 Logan Ave., Waterloo, Iowa Back in 1962 you could buy a mold with no handles for $3.50 and one with a handle for $5 Do-it quality is not what it use to be. I like to pour with the older molds. Newer molds, especially with eye cavities, are not good ( can't say what I really want to). They need to seriously re-engineer some of their work.
  6. If you are going to tweak on the Hagen's you might want to check out an old Herter's or a new Cabels's before you do. I have a Hagen's for sale on another site. Also have two Herter's - one needs a rebuild (comes with a bunch of extra parts).
  7. Very interested in the top load. PM info & contact info please. thnx
  8. Tough to come by in SoCal. I've watched them on fleabay. Seems like most are on the east coast...
  9. Hilts maybe - what weight? There are some Ament custom single cavity that come up on fleabay
  10. LedHed

    Micro Mesh

    What size is your cup? What paint are you using?
  11. Check your fittings to make sure you have a good seal. PM me your snail mail and I can send you some micro mesh screen that should help with your problematic paint. Try adding some CC pearl white and/or clear to your white
  12. In it for the passion not the money. I do primarily panfish jigs now - use to do saltwater also. Think there is a larger profit margin for the ultra light stuff.... A jigmaker can take a chunk of lead & hook, with a variety of materials, create a work of art that can fool a fish. It's a feeling that is hard to express. That "feeling" is magnified when your creations are responsible for catching targeted trophy fish.......
  13. I'd like to find a local vendor in Southern California for a spin casting machine..... Think spincasting would be a lot easier then multi pouring.
  14. JungleJim has the mold - not sure what sizes was cut by Crazy Angler. Not sure if he posts here but he does post on Jigcraft. He has it with the swivels attached also.
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