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  1. Thanks for the article . If they (Deaver's )were produced into the 90's that would explain the two color hand pour in the Green weenie color . Attached pictures show 4" Deaver worm on left and Chancellors 4" Do nothing worm on right
  2. It's worse than I originally thought . After seeing other longtime member members were only rated as "Newbies" I checked my status again and alas I am actually only a "Newbie" as well it seems . I only hope I haven't tarnished the lofty rating of "Rookie" by my false claims .
  3. Maybe there are some old timers on here that remember this worm made in Gastonia North Carolina and credited with being the first plastic worm fished "Carolina style " possibly as early as 1955 and were also the inspiration for Jack Chancellor's "Do Nothing worm" that won him a Bassmaster Classic title in the 80's . I came a cross an old 2 pack of these rigged 2 hook worms that say they came in Black , Blue , purple , green and green flake colors . I am curious how long these were produced because the ones I bought in the original package are two color pours green on the back and brown on the belly the are identical to a color that was very popular in the early to mid 80's on the west coast known as "Green Weenie" . Anyone know if these worms were still in production into the 1980's?
  4. The squid type saltwater baits from what I have seen appear to be dipped on a shaped rod in a solution closer to "Tool Dip" for tool handles than plastisol
  5. Fishing skirts .com gets their skirts from the same supplier in Vietnam per the supplier . I was on a waiting for a couple of colors for over a year before I received an email saying these colors were discontinued and NLA.
  6. I posted on an old site that predated this one called "Luremaking.com " around 2001 as Megabass and most of those old guys mentioned were on there . If memory serves me correctly the luremaking.com site shut down after the Administrator lost interest and most if not all of those members came over to a new fledgling sight started up by a member who posted as " redg8r " . There is still a remnant from that original luremaking.com site that migrated here on Tackleunderground in the "Soft plastic cookbook " . There is a few color recipes I posted under Megabass around 2002 .
  7. The top skirt tab supplier to the US market has it's production plant located in Vietnam. They make silicone skirts for Z Man and other big name lure manufacturers as well as skirt tabs for venders here in the states . They are overwhelmed by demand right now and running their production at 150% of designed capacity from what I was recently told . This has caused a shortage of skirt tabs and also the discontinuation of a lot of colors in favor of what colors/patterns their major clients want made. I was also told they were looking to expand their facilities in Vietnam to meet demand but Covid has put a damper on that for now .
  8. Looks like some expensive precision equipment is required for making these thin .015 silicone strips . The heat curing is part of the process and then additional machinery would be needed for cutting and to slice the strands.
  9. I recently received an email response to a question I submitted to the largest silicone skirt tab supplier in the US (and possibly the world ) inquiring about popular skirt tab colors that are no longer available today . The gist of it was that their production is overburdened and being unable to keep up with demand they scaled down the colors produced to about 300 used by their biggest customers . My original thought was to try to arrange a group purchase to meet a minimum lot size of tabs but even this was not an option . It seems like a golden opportunity for someone to start up a skirt tab production plant in the US to take up some of this business due to obvious "Supply and demand " issues. I'm sure the cost would be higher than what it cost to make a similar product in Vietnam but at least the US availability would be back . Maybe it comes down to environmental regulations ?
  10. The first "Hard Head type worms were made by Bagley's in the 70's . Mann's came out with their hard head series years later . I believe both of these designs simply used a tougher plastic formulations for the head (such as saltwater plastic) and softer plastic for the body and tail . One type of plastic that is impervious to melting when exposed to plastic baits is plastic cable and wire ties (zip ties) if that will work for your project . Nylon tubing also
  11. I bought a similar plastic made by Calhouns years ago . It looked like the stuff in the picture above . Soft spongy crystals . You have to heat it in a pan on a stove or hot plate , no re-melting left overs , Have to use powdered pigments no liquid plastic color , prone to stretchy strings coming off pan when stopping pour after cavity full . Oh and the stuff I bought was very expensive . People complained about all of the same experiences but I had to see for myself I guess . Maybe this new stuff will be better?
  12. Yes that would work . Admittedly I haven't got around to trying this yet but I was thinking about hitting the copper pipe occasionally with a propane torch or keeping a heat gun on low pointed at the pipe to keep the temp up while dipping .
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